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    Default To all Suppliers posting in this forum...

    There are a couple of things you will want to keep in mind when you make a post in the Reviews of Suppliers forum.

    • A Supplier can respond here but cannot initiate a discussion. This board is specifically for customer reviews that Suppliers can respond to, since they cannot do so elsewhere. It is not for Suppliers to initiate advertising, the Suppliers Forum is for that purpose.
    • Suppliers are limited to only posting in threads that are about their company, or their company's products. Posting replies in threads about other Suppliers is not allowed. Suppliers who break this rule to speak negatively about another Supplier may face disciplinary action against their ECF account.
    Just as it is within the rights of each ECF member to report Suppliers to us who repeatedly display bad business practices, it is also within the rights of Suppliers to report members who they believe are unfairly targeting their business. ECF takes these matters seriously. All complaints of this nature should be reported to forum[AT]e-cigarette-forum[DOT]com.
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