Bought my first kit to start vaping form

Order 9 pm EST on Sunday the 12th was at my door 10 am EST Monday 20th (not bad)

After reading the boards I was debating between the eGo and a wetbox and went with an eGo for the battery life and the mega carts hold 2 mil of juice

My order was
Joye eGo MEGA Kit 900mA Manual battery - Matte Black
30ml DEKANG E-juice 0mg in Cherry, Watermelon, and Mint
7 Empty Joye eGo Cartomizers (Mega)
E-juice Injector

Charged up my eGo batteries and went about the task of filling the Mega Cartomizers

I screwed up on the size of the injector getting 30 mil sharp tip these just fit into the hole in the catromizer but work, defiantly recommend smaller gauge and blunt tipped (stabbed my finger pretty good)

The E-juice flavors
Cherry - Tasted more like a cough drop than candy - disappointing but not to the point of never using again
Mint - Is nice, would prefer something stronger but I eat Altoids a lot so it may be me
Watermelon - Was awesome and my favorite of the group

While there are videos on who to fill the Mega Cartomizers does anyone know how to clean them?