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    I just recently found out about these guys and made it by there shop on my way to work they were on there way out the door but greeted me very friendly and still made the time to sell me some juice before they left! They have a few flavors of the week which are 30 ml which are marked down to 8.95 as opposed to their usual price of 16.95. I chose the strawberry lemonade and just got to work and tried it hmmmmm SO much better then the crap I'd been buying from the convenience store across the street most of the last year out of convenience lol. But this is great it tastes great it's vaping great I'm definitely going to be going back to this shop again and again!

    they also have a website if anyone wants to check them out, Heavenly Vapors Welcome Message
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    I saw this place one day while I was towing a vehicle . Called them the other day and yes they have lots of flavors. Has anyone else tried this juice? I stopped and went inside and they were just about to open for biz in about two more days. I havent had a chance to go back .I am curious to try thier eliquid. Maybe thyis week I can get over there and grab a few bottles and check it out.