I have to give MOUNT OLYMPUS VAPORS my compliments! Great flavors, total ability to customize e-liquid choices, Great prices, FAST shipping, and Freebie liquid with minimum purchases- also customized to suit your likes. The freebie thing might be for a limited time, not sure. Still, the prices are great and I will definitely order there again!
Highly recommended: Whisky Truffles e-liquid This is the first non-imitation tasting chocolate flavor I have vaped. Tastes like melt-in-your-mouth yummy chocolate truffles!
The other unique flavors I tried are all also great, like buttery popcorn, and New York Cheesecake. I am partial to cinnamon flavors, and their cinnamon/brown sugar is ALMOST too sweet, but then again, sometimes I want something really sweet. It's easy to find ones that you want to order again and again when they offer a SAMPLER PACK of 6 flavors of your choosing, in either 5ml or 10 ml sizes... Again, very reasonably priced!!!
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