I've found a great vendor that is new to me but has became one of my main shops to buy from. I wanted to share my thoughts since I'm kinda new to vaping and many people don't know where to start vaping. For the last few weeks I've been buying from Quantum Vapor and they are wonderful to deal with. They are a shop that is willing to help newbies get what they need or want out of vaping. Many of their prices are better than many shops I've bought from and I'm looking forward to buying more from them!!

Give them a chance and you won't be disappointed. They've answered every question I've asked and that has made me feel like they really care about making their customers happy. Not too many people are offering their shipping costs ($4 flat rate shipping $25+ free shipping) having free shipping for a $25+ order is awesome. They also have Iclear30's and coils preorders on their site.

check them out @ Quantum Vapor Home