I got fed up with with getting DOA cartomizers from my regular supplier, so I decided to try one that is new to me: overstockecigs.com.

It turned out that I had a problem with the order - there was a mixup in the warehouse and instead of the five 5-packs of cartomizers I thought I ordered, I got 5 individual ones. Not a great way to start a new relationship! I gotta say, however, that I was really pleased with how they handled it.

There was an 800 number on the business card that came with the order, so I called it the next morning. To my surprise, a real human being answered. It was so refreshing to talk in realtime with a person rather than playing email tag, which sometimes takes days. She was a warehouse worker who owned up to the mistake immediately, and told me the owner would call me back later in the day.

Two hours later, he did indeed call. I expected to hear about the company's "policy" on refunds. I expected to have to argue and fight for justice. I expected I'd have to deal with an RMA and a trip to the post office. Instead, the owner was polite, down to earth, and didn't ask me to do anything. He told me "It's our mistake. You shouldn't have to be inconvenienced to send it back. Just keep what we sent and we'll send a check for the full purchase price."

Sure enough, two days later, the check was in my mailbox. It even cleared! I wish all the e-cig suppliers out there were as honest and reasonable as these guys were.