Just received an order from Ikenvape. Ordered some Ikenvape Fusion cartomizer tanks and cartomizers. Order shipped extremely fast and packed well.

The tanks perform awesomely. I was looking for inexpensive tanks and ran into grimmgreen's youtube review of Ikenvape. The $50 pyrex tanks with machined aluminum caps out there are nice, and have their place, but for a simple, inexpensive carto tank solution, Ikenvape cannot be beat. The tanks are around $10 and the cartomizers are $1.90. Another benefit- at the time of this post, it's all IN STOCK.

Seriously, I don't take the time to review a supplier, but this one inspired me to do so. Check them out at ikenvape.com. Isaac seems like a cool dude and responds to email quickly and cares about his customers.

Order with confidence.