Really got to give a shout out to Mt Baker Vapor today, ordered my MVP2 kit came with a 15ml bottle, ordered another 15ml and he threw in an additional 15ml of Dragon Fruit (I'll consider it magic given I had this in my cart until right before I ordered) as well as a blunt tip top (which I was going to order until I seen they were out of stock).. not only did the label get printed the very next day (Sunday) but was shipped out the very next day, and even given the fact I live almost as far away as you can get without hitting ocean (Wa to Va) with slightly expedited shipping through christmas it came on the 5th day(USPS is the only blame that can be given for even taking this long), and even got a few business cards with coupon codes for a discount next time.. I really couldn't be happier.

So the short of it is, I don't normally order from so far away if I can help it, but this guy's service is well worth it. The juice I've gotten to try so far has been awesome even without much steep time is awesome, very nice ship time, freebies and discounts.. I will bar none be ordering again and highly suggest that anyone who hasn't done business with MBV yet to do so.

If you keep up with the reviews man, big props from Va, and we really appreciate the hard work you're putting in.