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    Since joining ECF I always wanted to post about my favorite on-line vendor but was too shy, so here goes. To me, Vapor Kings is the best I've found. Their customer service is over and beyond exceptional, at least it has been to me. They are very knowledgeable and informative about their products which says a lot. They also provide instructional videos for some of the products in their web store. It means they actually care. I've called them and emailed them with questions about products and they've always responded promptly with informative info.
    Don't know if it's ok to post this but I joined CASAA by their association.
    Though I know that s&!t happens, I've never had a problem with a faulty product or a problem with receiving a shipment. But if I did, I'm confident that they would help take care of it or guide me through it.
    Another do appreciate the little candies that are included in my packages, but I just can't , won't, eat those twist wrapped candies Darlin.
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