RMV, not a vendor, a SUPPLIER
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Thread: RMV, not a vendor, a SUPPLIER

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    Default RMV, not a vendor, a SUPPLIER

    As a sales guy I don't like the word vendor...it implies a transactional relationship. Unfortunately most of the businesses and online stores we get to deal with in this world are just that, vendors. Add to cart, check out, ships when they get around to it, incomplete, busted packaging, slow response to resolve post shipment issues and on and on and on. A "supplier" provides needed services, above and beyond what their customers and prospects even think they need. They know their customer and pay attention to the details that vendors could care less about. RMV won my business before I ordered anything. In research mode, new to vaping, I shot a question through the "contact us" link expecting no reply, but ever hopeful. What I got back was more than a simple reply. It took effort and understanding to send me the info Dave sent me and truly helped me to make the selection that I made...actually completely shifting my direction all together. He didn't over sell me, negative sell me or pull any sales "tactics" on me...He just paid attention, offered his expertise and educated me. I placed my order, an EgoC w/mini vivi nova tanks and a couple bottles of juice. It shipped the next day, got here in 2 and with a nice sample juice to boot. I'm very happy with my purchase and will forever scream from the rooftops to any vaper or noobie that this is the place to go for information, purchases, and support. For those a-holes that don't put a value on service, take information and someones time only to go somewhere else with low overhead, no support and a don't care attitude to save a nickel...RMV's prices are DAMN GOOD to boot Thanks RMV, you're my supplier of choice!

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    thank you for such a kind and well written review. Always appreciate the feedback

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