Looking to do professional revies!
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Thread: Looking to do professional revies!

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    Default Looking to do professional revies!

    Title was missing the W Woops!

    Hey all!

    I am a new reviewer looking to get my foot in the door. I have done a couple text reviews but want to get more into video reviews. I just created a new Youtube channel called DarthVapor99 and Im really excited to start reviewing!!

    Not looking for any money or anything just some stuff to review whether it be E-liquid, kits, attys, etc. I really want to get into the wonderful world of mods!

    I have been consitantly vaping for over a year now


    aka python1208
    aka DarthVapor99

    Vape it REAL good!
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    You might need to BUY you kit at first, until you get some viewers behind you. Suppliers get a lot of requests from folks wanting to do reviews, so much so it looks like people on the scav for free stuff.
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