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Thread: Could we have a banner for the FDA Deeming Regulations, pls?

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    Default Could we have a banner for the FDA Deeming Regulations, pls?

    ...with a link to the new "FDA Regulations" forum.

    I think this is important enough for a banner announcement.
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    Link is good. Banner full of words that won't make it past the ECF censor - that's the problem.

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    Once the situation has stabilised a bit and CASAA issue official instructions to vapers on how and what to comment, then yes - we will have a CTA notice for this specific purpose.

    Right now the lawyers are still poring over the 241 pages and trying to come up with a game plan. There's plenty of time yet.

    No need to rush, just now. We will want to get at least 10,000 comments, all on point, so let's wait until our response can be properly organised. This is CASAA's baby, although we may also see something from lawyers for the trade, who may ask us to help. Over two months to go still.
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