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Thread: Is this funny?

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    Default Is this funny?

    First, I wanted to say that the SI Banana Nut Bread is heaven, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in a unicorn and then wrapped in bananas..... (bacon and unicorn flavors purely imaginary)

    Second, I was in a local vape store yesterday and everyone in the store had a mod....................and a big one. I was generally curious so I asked how much juice the monstrosity in his hand held. He said, "about 1 ml". Astonished, I said, "really?" He said that the tank itself is pretty small and then proceeded to tell me about the 17 coils that were in it and how it produced competition level clouds. I then asked how long his walking stick of a battery lasted.....................his answer, "about 4 hours or so". He said that he had to keep 4 batteries charged at all times. He then went into how the ohms and voltage did the thing with the guy and that deal because at this point, my eyes had glazed over.

    He told me that I should try this special cartomizer. He put it on an MVP style battery but I don't remember what he said it was exactly and to give him lots of credit, his rig did produce a ton of vapor and although I didn't like the flavor he had, it had a lot of flavor too.

    I recently fell in love with a glassomizer that will remain un-named here but I didn't really think I would ever want to go that far with equipment. To each his own and I am a firm believer in people using what works best for them but I would be lying if I said that I understand why you would want to put $400 and endless time into one ridiculously large mod, looking like Gandolf the Gray just for 4 hours of use and what I would assume to be 17 refills in that time.
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    Yep. Amusing to me.

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    This... is... going... to... be... good

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