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    Default House of Tempest Mods

    House of Tempest Mods Templar.

    A Beautiful looking device. Threads and look is well done. The switch was faulty do to it grabbing the walls. I had my boy Dino put it on a Lathe and shade some metal off and smooth it out so it wont lock anymore when trying to fire button in all directions. Also replaced the sporing with a better quality brass spring Paps.

    Ill show in video with modification how the switch hits flawlessly thanks to Mr. Dino which you may know him from John Boy lava tanks, lava gen and new Copperhead.


    GP Brass Spring

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    Iv watched all you videos on this mod. I still want one really bad even with the battery pin issue and the switch issue. can you tell me where I can get one? Also do you know if there are clones of this yet? Not that I want a clone. I will explain. I bought clones of some mods and they are great but my buddies and I are of the idea to have at least one REAL device in our gear and I have picked this one for my REAL

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    Does anyone know if the issues were worked out?