Hi guys, I'm new to using DCT's and am running into a problem (that I hope is not a trivial or beginner's error).

I purchased a 2.5 mL DCT from Clouds of Vapor a couple weeks ago. Upon wanting to change the flavor in the tank, I bought these carts (Kanger Horizontal Coil 510 Cartomizers), punched them myself, but I ran into a few issues:

  1. The Kanger's are shorter than the carto that was included with the tank. The new ones are flush with the top of the tank, but the tip fits in.
  2. These new cartos are VERY tight to fit into the tank, and almost impossible to pull the tank up to refill without the tank coming off entirely. The original cartomizer allows the DCT to move very smoothly up and down, so I could refill without the entire tank being empty. I can't do it with these.

Any ideas what the problem(s) might be? I got the new carto into the DCT and it works beautifully, but this won't work in the long run. I'd also appreciate any suggestions for a better tank/carto set up. The 2.5 mL capacity is perfect for my usage currently.