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I purchased this with my own dollars - the opinion represented here is solely mine, having had experience of many different types of 'Misers', and is in no way an opinion shared by ECF's owners. Administrators or Modearotors - unless they have also tried the product and coincidentally and independently come to the same conclusions - which is quite frankly unlikely. I present my Opinion Here as Honestly as i am able, but do accept that a degree of 'Poetic Licence' may have accidentally snuck in

Raptor Box - Front

Name: Raptor Tank
Type: 6ml ‘Clearomiser’ type tank with Replaceable Atomiser Cores
Vendor: Vapour World
Where: UK
Cost: 16.95 GBP + P+P
Capacity: 6ml Real: 7+ ml – but may flood if too much over 6ml.
Drip Tip/Mouthpiece: Stardust/Vision eGo type + Spare whistle tip (flat)
PG/VG: The Raptor has different ‘Cores’ for SR/LR and PG/VG
Fill Method: ‘Spikey Thing’ or similar – same as the Stardust/Vision eGo
Breaking In: Recommended at 3.2-3.4v – at least for 1st 2ml
Tank: A very Solid Polycarbonate – so be aware that some juice won’t be ‘good’
Relative Size: Looks Big on a 650 eGo Twist – Good on me GLV-XL Mini
Colour: Clear
Potential Longevity: With the right Juice – should be good
Recoilable: Should be possible – sure a how to will appear Dreckly!

What's In the Box?
The site says:
1 – Raptor Tank
1 – eGo Battery Integrator / Adapter
1 – Extra Raptor 6ml Atomizer Core
1 – Extra Mouthpiece
1 - Spare Core Anchor O-Ring
All neatly boxed.

All pre-orders received 2 complete tanks + the above
What was in mine...

The Vape

(having run at 3.2V for a ml on an eGo Twist + 18mg Joker French Pipe)
On me Kicked GLV-XL mini at 5W, using the PG SR ‘Core’
Vapour Production: More than acceptable (especially for 1st fill) – would hope it improves with ‘Breaking in’ tho
Flavour: Better than a Carto Tank – should improve tho
Throat Hit: About the same as a Stardust/Vision eGo - medium
Texture: Slightly ‘thinner’ than using the same juice in my GoTank
Wicking: Good
Gurgliness: Getting the odd Gurgle – few quick sucks and it goes tho (see Addendum below)

Using the VG SR ‘Core’ and 80/20 VG/PG Digi’s Nutty Pipe
Vapour Production: Good and looking more impressive as it Breaks in.
Flavour: Less discerned than the PG ‘Core’ – partly Breaking In and Partly the VG
]Throat Hit: OK – I always expect less TH with VG
Texture: ‘Thicker’ than the PG ‘Core’ – I’m liking this a lot.
Wicking: Surprisingly Good – no dry spots yet
Gurgliness: Bit – but again suck through it and it clears – less than on PG

Shape of the Vape: Pretty good so far – prefer the VP and Texture from VG juice, the Flavour and TH from PG – both have their advantages and will become more evident once Broken In

The Waffle
When speaking of the Raptor Tank, I can’t help but immediately think of a 6ml Stardust/Vision v2 Clearomiser. The looks have a similarity, they share a mouthpiece (literally I checked), and the ml markings on the body.

It performs similarly to a Stardust, delivering a reliably Good Vape – tho had a couple of minor issue with the VG Tank – I’ll expand more in me upcoming vid

Having tried the Apollo Tank – which is also a 6ml Replaceable Head Clearomiser type – I’ve got to say that while the more ‘Space Age’ styling of the Apollo is nice – the Gurgliness (me pet peeve) was too annoying for me.

Apollo Tank, VW Raptor and Vision V2

The Raptor threads onto the outside of an eGo threads – so requires a 510-eGo adapter for use (or an eGo battery)

Looks HUGE on a 650mAh eGo battery
Raptor on eGo 650mAh Twist

Large 6ml Capacity – so for heavy Vapers or those that stick to one juice or can afford more than one –

Polycarbonate can be ‘damaged’ (i.e. crack or leak) with certain juices (ECF’s List of ‘Bad’ Juices or ‘types’)

6ml Capacity – ideal for Heavy Vapers or those that tend to stick to one juice

The Raptor Tank is made from a rigidly rugged seeming Polycarbonate – that’s clear, making it easy to see thy juice level.

The Raptor Base has a long screw type thread, so is very secure (though still make sure that thee aren’t unscrewing the base rather than the Tank – it also seems to be well ‘sealed’ with many O-rings: on the mouthpiece hole as well as the base.

It comes with a Spare Core, an extra Mouthpiece and O-rings – just in case

It arrived in a very nice Presentation Box – I got an extra Tank – thanks Paula – see photos

Looks good on the GLV-XL mini

Value for Money:
The Raptor, if the ‘cores’ last as long as the Stardust’s (10 days +), should be good value – as long as thee avoid the Juices listed on ECF (UKV had a list but unfortunately now inaccessible). I’ve already dropped me XL-mini with it on a couple of times with no damage, which has scrapped a few misers. With the packaging, spare ‘Core’, Mouthpiece and O-rings, it certainly seems Good Value.

It’s too early to tell yet – the PG Tank is certain performing very well do far and the replacement ‘Cores’ are certainly reasonably priced at 2.45 GBP – in fact, Vapour World have spares so that, like Trigger’s Broom it could last a Long Time.

Do like the look of their alternative mouthpieces on the VW site too.

For me the Core's need to last a couple of weeks, the performance will hopefully improve, would prefer a cleaner flavour and the Gurgliness needs to stay occasional or disappear - but that's just me being pedantic

To combat the Gurgliness i decided, on the PG 'Core', to trim the wicks as this should reduce juice flow to the coil - worked for the Phoenix/CE3 XL's - thanks Lord Davon

And it seems to be working and still Wicking much better for me

Modded Raptor 'Core' with trimmed Wicks