Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)
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Thread: Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)

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    Default Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)

    Hi there,

    there have already been some reviews about the Aspire BDC, most of them very positive.

    Rather than repeating what has been said (great vapor, flavor etc.) I wanted to focus on the looks of the device, too.

    Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)-aspire_stand_assembled.jpg
    Pic 1: BDV Vivi assembled (click to enlarge)
    Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)-aspire_stand_disassembled.jpg
    Pic 2: Disassembled - not too many parts to get confused with (click to enlarge)

    The Vivi Style Aspire BDC has somewhat boring looks, well, like a Vivi Nova, the design of which is well known to the vaping community for years now. I compare it to an old Ford Taurus, trusty, boring and a bit plasticky (see above).

    However: I was very pleased when I received the Aspire BDC "ET" style atomizer.
    It comes in at the same price as the Vivi BDC but it really looks like it is worth five times the money. Pictures below show it on two different EGO threaded devices.

    It is all metal minus the tank, which I assume is Polycarbonate. It has quite a hefty feel to it and the highly polished finish looks fantastic. This is from now on my tank for out and about where I have to be inconspicuous (not possible with Taifun GT on Provari, ha!)

    Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)-aspire_et_ego650.jpg
    Pic 3: Aspire ET on silver EGO 650 mAh battery
    Aspire BDC Review (Vivi and ET style)-aspire_et_spinner1300.jpg
    Pic 4: Aspire ET on Vision 1300 mAh Spinner

    The draw is just right for me, it's a bit airier than the Kanger Protank II but not too much so.

    Needless to say, the Dual Coil heads work their magic in this little device as well and it's clouds of vapor and a decent taste experience.

    For the money this baby beats the competition in this format hands down at the moment.

    Btw, I bought these with my own money, so no incentive here for me, just thought I'd share a good discovery.



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    I like the looks of the ET too, very decorative, dressy and somehow fun looking.

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    I'll also Chime in on this!

    On an ego style battery it vapes like no other, and does not seem to go through juice that fast, or drain the battery
    Using at 4V, it really gives great flavor to my juices.
    Like the Kangar Minis(minus the drip tip), they are fully dis-assemble able
    Tighter draw then the Kangar, but for me it's just right.

    I have used it for 2 weeks and not had to replace the coil yet

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    I like that drip tip and I'm currently looking for my next tank lol. Great review!

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