Make your own Ego T tank wicks, in quantity and quickly!
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Thread: Make your own Ego T tank wicks, in quantity and quickly!

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    Cool Make your own Ego T tank wicks, in quantity and quickly!

    I thought I would throw together another very simple tutorial on how to make your own T Tank wicks for your ego atomizers. Vicki from Cignot showed me this one, ( T tank Wick - How to make a new one OR what to do with dead atomizers) , but I found it rather lacking. I’m fortunate enough to have bought 2 boxes of the large “Clearomizers” which are total junk and I haven’t used more than one.
    Here’s what you need:
    A Clearomizer, a dead, burned out atomizer and a steady hand!

    First get two pairs of pliers, grab the threaded end of our bad atomizer and grab the tube on the other end and rock back and forth until the atomizer body slides out of the tube. You should wind up with this:

    Notice the metal band around the metal mesh and coil, (left side of the assembly). Gently push from the bottom of this until the coil, bridge and wick come out, (I cut the pieces apart setting the threaded end aside). We should now have something that looks like this:

    Set aside the atomizer casing and metal sleeve. Next, VERY carefully and gently unwind the wire mesh. You will have to stop to remove the bridge, (just gently rock and pull it off, set aside). Continue unwinding mesh until we have this!

    What we are after are the four pieces of mesh that make up the atomizer and hold the juice. Discard or set aside everything but the mesh. Now comes in our sacrificial Crapomizer, erm Clearomizer.

    Simply pull the top caps off, grab the threaded end with pliers and pull the guts out of the clear tube.

    As close to the coil as possible, cut our fiberglass wick away. We now have 4 usable pieces of rope that will make quite a few wicks! Notice the wick from the dead atomizer, yuck! Discard or set aside all but our new rope. Next, cut a piece of wick about an inch long and cut a small square piece of mesh off of our little pile. Get a paper clip and gently wrap the mesh around it, making a “U”.

    Insert our piece of fiberglass wick into the “U” and very carefully and gently roll it around the wick until it is firmly in place. You should be wrapping the coil around the middle of the wick like so:

    Next, using a sharp razor blade or very small and sharp surgical scissors,( which I used), cut into the middle of the mesh and voila! Two brand new wicks! Make sure your cutting did not damage the metal “cap” we just made by gently rolling it between your fingers to get it back into perfect shape. Now, take one wick and set your extra new wick aside. Gently insert it into the plate from the bottom end and gently nudge it into place with a toothpick or something similar. Do NOT use a needle, we don’t want to damage the cap we just made! Trim the wick so it JUST hangs below the bottom of the wickplate and into the coil cavity of the tank atomizer.

    Insert the wickplate into your tank atomizer with the groove going in the same direction as the coil and use a bit screwdriver,( without a bit on it) to push it firmly into place, prime the wick with a few drops of liquid, insert your tank and vape away! After this entire process we still have A LOT of leftovers to make A LOT of wicks! Simply set this aside in a clean location for later use!

    As far as our sacrificial pieces and parts, simply throw them away or put them somewhere,(you never know, someday a piece might come in handy for another creation!).

    I hope this helps at least ONE person, if so it will have made this worth it!

    P.S Selling wicks for $2.50! 2 for $4.00! (lol, im joking).
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