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    So, some VERY good news for those who care. For the duration of our existence, we've been purchasing a "pharmaceutical grade" nicotine from a couple of sources in China. This has been a 99.6% pure product. It's been a great product and probably just trace impurities and a bunch of red tape and price tags that separate it from being a legitimate pharmaceutical product.

    However, because this company has been exporting it, undervaluing it, and misdeclaring it, it has been putting our company in jeopardy every time we place an order. Tasty Vapor is HIGHLY valuable not only to myself, but every single other person who works here, and most importantly being available to those customers who have come to love our product and rely on it.

    This is not a relationship we can afford to continue.

    So, what is our solution. In the next two days we will switch our entire nicotine stocks for PHARMACEUTICAL nicotine. Yes, tried, true, certified, purified, inspected, verified, red-taped, pure nicotine! This is the same product being used by the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Pfeizer, and all the big pharma companies.

    You are worth it, this company is worth it, and so, from now on, pharmaceutical nicotine it is.

    We thought you ought to know.

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    Just want to say on this one Geoff... a VERY GOOD decision as far as I am concerned.

    I don't think I ever said this but... it seems apparent that I am very sensitive to the impurities in LNicotine.... and what I was getting from TV was causing me some problems... so I replaced it with another brand nic and.... THAT started causing me some problems as well. Ended up getting all my nic from a company that imports their nic from Belgium, which has never caused me any problems.

    So, with this change I will have to give TV nic a try again.

    Sounds good to me!