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Thread: Contacting tasty vapor - important!!!

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    works perfect from here.

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    As we're still operating through the GoDaddy servers, should they decide to update their servers or run maintenance, it will affect every web client on that server including Tasty Vapor.

    Everyone here is under the understanding that ultimately to rid ourselves of this problem, we'll need to have TV running on our own server and simply have GoDaddy pointing to the DNS. This will happen In Time, but with everything on our plate with building the new factory, it's on the lower end of the priorities as the timing isn't quite right. Once we've moved, marketed, hired and trained new staff, the next step will be to procure a server and hopefully have everything running on a T1 line.

    With the server in place, we'll also be able to better automate our order system, streamlining it for YOU and for us, also enabling us to do retail.

    Good things will continue to happen here to improve your experience, but these things take time.

    They will in fact happen.

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