Once you have successfully folded one unit for Team ECF1 you can request the Team ECF title:


Please do not submit the form unless you have properly completed one work unit and have received points for completion. If your contributions page has not updated to show a completed work unit with points I'll skip your request and move on to the next and you'll have to request again after you have folded a unit and received credit.

Making multiple requests will not speed up your title, they only slow down the process for others waiting to get their title.

1 As of 2012-12-07 you must also have received points for your contribution. Zero point work units are failures and do not count for the purpose of earning a Team ECF title

2014-12-20 - It should also be added that those who just fold a few work units just to get the title and then stop contributing won't be sporting the title very long. The Team ECF title is for those who are actively participating in the project. - retired1