Folding on a W2K machine
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Thread: Folding on a W2K machine

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    Default Folding on a W2K machine

    Don't be hatin' - it's available. W2K Pro SP4.

    Couple questions & the info at the official web site seems unclear.

    It appears v5.x release is the last that will work with w2k. Does anyone know if that is true? I've run across a lot of 32 bit stuff that "officially" is for XP but "unofficially" runs on w2k as well.

    If that machine is stuck with v5.x - no Passkey option? It appears they started Passkey before v6 was released, but doesn't look like v 5.x ever supported it.

    Lastly, what happens if I'm running with username, team and passkey on one machine with v7, but no passkey on the v 5.x machine? Besides no bonus points. Does this mess up statistics?

    Anything you guys know is apprecieated.
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    its true there is no support for windows 2k after V5. mainly due to there is no driver support.
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