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    Question Folding @ Work Question

    So great this exists, and it's pretty awesome how highly ranked our team is! Already got 5 work units folded on one machine in the last half-day.

    So, we have a dozen workstations that are used once in a blue moon. Since this is for a kick-... cause, I have permission to run this program from the big wigs on said stations. When configuring these system, I assume I use the same user name, team, and pass-key to receive the points for each machine?


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    yes, if you want the points listed under your username then use your username/passkey otherwise you can set-up usernames for each of them if you feel the need, or if your bigwigs would allow/like the company name as username to show the company support maybe?. just make sure they are under the correct team for that team to get points.