A few noob folding questions...
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Thread: A few noob folding questions...

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    Default A few noob folding questions...

    Hey everybody, I'm new to folding and had a couple of questions

    I've noticed that the current project I'm working on varies in ETA constantly. My PPD randomly jumps from mid 8000's to mid 6000's (and back up etc etc) and the ETA changes to reflect this. But my CPU usage through FAH doesn't fluctuate to match these shifts, it stays the same. Any ideas as to why this would be?

    Any help and info would be appreciated as I'm entirely new to this... Thanks!

    EDIT: Edited out the GPU question as I figured it out.
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    The estimate is taking a sample of how much work your CPU can do in a set amount of time, then estimates based on that sample it should take XXX amount of time to finish= this many PPD. any time something else happens, you open a program, open your browser, even look at photos, you lower the amount of power being used just for folding.

    these things all use CPU cycles and causes the program to re estimate the time based on the new data, anything taking cycles away from folding will mean more time for same amount of work, it is still trying to use what ever it is set to but that does not mean the program will get all of it, it is completely normal and will not really affect anything as long as the actual completion time is before the deadline.