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Thread: Just a couple questions, if you're there and can help.

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    Default Just a couple questions, if you're there and can help.

    Running an 4 core 3.5 CPU overclocked to 4.2, doing ok I guess never heard of this before a couple days ago so nothing to compare it to. Current PPD 21k on CPU but my GPU (when I run them) are 18k – 19k, they are SLI GTX670 cards and never reach more than 40 Celsius.

    Is this about the norm or should I be looking for more?
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    since the program doesnt notice the sli attachment im guessing you could try to add another gpu slot and run 2 of them together

    in the configure slot you should see a tab marked slots

    hit add on the bottom of the screen and choose another gpu slot. and see if a second one will start running, if it does then you should double what your putting out now. i get close to the numbers you posted off one 650Ti card. so i am sure it isnt using both of them

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