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    Default hmmm graphics question

    I have been drooling over the gallery of Chuck and love that it can be customized. So a couple of questions if i may.

    How is the graphic put on the Chuck. I mean is it under the clear coat or is it more like a vinyl sticker? When choosing a graphic should i make on that will fit the entire dimensions or more of a cut out kinda thing. Personally i cant stand the white/off color outlines around it. Looks like just a sticker to me.

    And finally how durable is the finish/ graphic gonna be.

    thanks guys

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    It is pretty smooth and is under a clear coat. With super heavy use, like a year of nonstop holding in your hand and solid use, the seams sometimes get a bit worn but they hold up great. I wrecked one from countless hits to the asphalt, and I mean countless so the clear coat cracked off in spots but the graphic remains.
    Done by a pro, this is NOT your basic sticker BS.

    Hope that answers your question.