What about e-juice here in Thailand
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Thread: What about e-juice here in Thailand

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    Default What about e-juice here in Thailand

    I have found a place here in Thailand (Bangkok) to order Dekang e-juice on the internet. The order is in my mailbox the next day. I have ordered around twenty 10ml bottles of different flavors. Some good some not so good. I happened to be on a shopping trip to MBK. On the Sky Train Cosway connected to MBK. I found at one of the little nicknacks shops. An ecig for sale (a look a like to a real cig). I asked about it. I also asked about e-juice. It turned out the operator had two small boxes with 8 bottles in each. The bottles only had the flavor name on them. No info about who made the stuff. The shop owner would not tell me where he got them from. That leads me to think that there are other outlets other than the one I am using, here in Thailand. Maybe you guy's can point me in the right direction. I am not ready for DIY e-juice, just yet. If any of you are making your own e-juice. I am open to buying/trying what you have. Just PM me.

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    Yes I think there a lot of DIY juice makers here in LOS since I bought 4 ejuices from stalls here in Pattaya so far and I also bought one tonight which only had the name printed on it "chocolate" - I'm hoping its safe to vape but it feels OK and I'm off the cigarettes although I'm going to remember to try and only get ones with at least professional looking stickers on them even if it doesn't have ingredients.
    The other 3 juices I bought at the stall have decent looking labels.

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    Haha. I hope it's safe too. I actually have been able to receive orders of juice in the LOS. I just ask the company to label the bottles nicely. With that being said customs here can be fickle, so there is no guarantee. DIY from street vendors in Bangkok sound a little sketchy. Good luck. Looking forward to hearing how it vapes.