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Thread: Suffering the prejudices of other smokers

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    Default Suffering the prejudices of other smokers

    Hi Guys

    I live in a province which has a small close knit expat community and when I first stopped smoking there was a lot of interest in my new "gadget" and how it worked. I was happy to explain the benefits and the virtues that I found beneficial but I was always wary of becoming one of those born again non smokers who constantly drone on and on about it. There were a few alarmists who would say that it was dangerous to my health and a few naysayers who said it would not last and I would be back on the cigarettes in 3 months but those arguments were easily put asunder when I pointed out that their cigarettes were hardly a healthy alternative and I have not touched an "analogue" for over 9 months now.

    But as of late I now find I am always being ridiculed by the smokers because of my "steam pipe". Even though I have not smoked and show no inclination to start again the smokers constantly go on about how I am still smoking. I point out the rather obvious conclusion that my "steam pipe" produces steam vapour and therefore I am not smoking at all but still they harp on about it to the point where I find I am getting quite irked with the constant sniping every time I use my "steam pipe" in public.

    Has anyone else experienced this inane prejudice and how best do you deal with it ?


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    Such is the proletariat especially in the "jungle". "Keep calm and vape on" :-) They will get bored of their snide little comments and move on to some other inane subject that amuses their small minds. Either that or they will die of lung cancer.

    Alternatively you can buy a few packs of very cheap drip tips (disposable) and let people have a go. I have converted 14 people in Thailand to vaping amongst my peers.

    When it is your health in question I certainly would not let the East Ender's mob affect any of your decisions.

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    Colin hit the nail on the head - the health benefits far outweigh the antagonizing attitude of your friends. but stay true, and soon they'll come to see the light. i've converted 4 of my friends already (and i've only been vaping for a couple of months now); i found that what they don't know, they knock. after showing it to them for the first time i followed up by sending links, to those that expressed interest, explaining what vaping is, and how to get their hands on one.

    stay foggy!


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