Atomizer Life Spans

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by wonder, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. wonder

    wonder Senior Member

    I was just reading some threads and saw a lot of talk of how atomizers last 2-3 weeks. Can someone shed light on this? Do they really only last 3 weeks. I have been using the same atomizer since September. What is the average lifespan of an atomizer?:confused:
  2. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member

    I'm new at this myself but from what I've read, they can last only a few weeks if you're a real heavy smoker. It also depends on the quality of the device you got. I think for an average smoker a good atomizer should last a couple months. I could be wrong though so I'll wait for someone more experienced to confirm.
  3. spyderuk

    spyderuk Senior Member

    Same atomiser since september? How much do you use it? Do you clean it? How?

    Maybe you just have a good one, you will surely miss it when it vapes no more.
  4. jimgman

    jimgman Senior Member

    mine is only a few weeks old, but my theory is that if you run them hot, they wont last.i try to take a few puffs, then let it cool down for a min. i'll see how far this method gets me, but it stands to reason that anything overworked/overheated wont last... try driving on the highway in second gear all the time, and see how long your engine lasts.....
  5. GabbyD

    GabbyD Senior Member

    My first one that is about six weeks old now, still works. The one I ordered with that one just died over the weekend. I got two a couple of days before Christmas and one is the lucky-super-vaper and it's still going strong. The other one died on day 4 so it's being replaced.

    That's all my experience so far. We're trying to keep a couple of extras on hand and then we'll order more when one craps out, to stay ahead of the game.
  6. fiddler

    fiddler Senior Member

    I have a Janty KB and a dse901. On each, after over two months of pretty heavy use, one of the dse atomizers has weakened beyond use and one of the Jantys is useful only for dripping. None has actually died. I thought the Janty had but I brought it back to fairly good performance by boiling in plain water. It won't pick up juice well from a cartridge but I get a solid hit and lots of smoke from dripping.

    Not so bad for what is still a fledgling technology.
  7. katink

    katink Ultra Member

    Of the atomizers I have used so far, the very worst were indeed gone at a few weeks; but I must add that those were the exceptions. A few months for the most I have had (though I do use two or three simultaniously - guess that should be counted in; also count in I use them almost non-stop on the other side though). And I think the best I had (sadly I can't get them anymore, or rather the supplier can't) went along somewhere around 6 months. How long do your Ruyan-atomizers last - I am guessing around 6 months too?
  8. Papa Lazarou

    Papa Lazarou Ultra Member

    Since October when I started on this I've only had one atomiser fail beyond any use at all (RN4075 after about 5-6 weeks of constant use). Vapour gradually decreased and it eventually burnt out. In general if they don't fail outright, they decline in performance until its better to use a new one rather than carry on. As fiddler has posted I've got a couple which don't wick from cartridges well now, but will work OK with a brute force approach - directly dripping liquid into them.
  9. parapo

    parapo Super Member

    6 hours at work for 6 weeks and counting.
    cleaned twice, vapor production good as new.
    that's my 901 atomizer (RN's actually),
    (batteries suck though,3 of 4 already dead)

    can't say the same for my 2 best-ecig penstyles.
    after 3 weeks i steam-cleaned them,one died in the process.
    a week later the other produced noticable less vapor.
    (batteries still ok though,will try some RN atomizers with them)
  10. deewal

    deewal Super Member

    Anywhere between 3 hours to six weeks depending how lucky you are.
    If you get caught with the Cleaning cycle it's bye bye.
    Since i've been using a usb battery i am still using the same atomiser after 6 weeks. That's the longest i've had and i think it's because there is no Cleaning Cycle and i don't have to suck like a hoover as the battery slowly dies.
    I've just started on my 14th today. Thet's since the 20th August 2008.
    But only 9 batteries. Yippee.

    Must change that amount of money saved that's on that thingy below.
  11. wonder

    wonder Senior Member

    Yup same one, I have never cleaned it either. I once tried cleaning an atomizer and I think I broke it or flooded it. I am surprised by the short life span. I use mine everyday and blow atleast one cart. I will miss it when it goes, please dont jinx me. :)

  12. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    dan, you are using a ruyan v8 with the ultrasonic technology? and do you vape non-ruyan liquid?
  13. wonder

    wonder Senior Member

    I am using a V8, and never drip any liquid. Personally I have had better luck with carts, on my old penstyle I was dripping and it always tasted like burnt metal, I may have been doing something wrong, so I have not dripped since. I hate the metallic taste.

    I have another e-liquid order in....:D so I may try it again.... I have about 20 spare atomizers not from Ruyan that I may try. Maybe I flood them, or dry them out, I am still not having good luck.....:cry:
  14. parked

    parked Registered Supplier

    I have never lost one Atomizer ever and I have many many e-cigs

    I clean them once a week (boil method)

    I also blow through the atomizers every night and drain them on a napkin overnight

    I also never drip
  15. wonder

    wonder Senior Member

    How long do you boil? How long do you have to let them dry?

  16. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member

    What kind of e-cigs are you using?

    I'll have to look up that boiling thing, I'm assuming it's described somewhere in the forum... I really don't want to have to replace atomizers.
  17. equazcion

    equazcion Super Member

    By the way, hoping someone can answer this... I've got an RN4072 and I'd like to know how to get at the atomizer, for draining etc. The business end of the atomizer (the actual metal mesh) is located within a long recessed tube and I can't get to it, except I guess with something long like a q-tip (cotton swab), or maybe a rolled-up piece of paper. Should I being doing that? Any other suggestions? Is there a way to take this thing apart further that I'm not aware of?
  18. parked

    parked Registered Supplier

    It's pretty easy, you take and blow through the atomizer at the battery end
    to get all the old e-liquid out of the reservoir and then put them in a pan
    with water and then bring the water to a boil, take the pan off just after
    the water boils (maybe 30 seconds to a minute after the water boils) and
    then set the atomizer on a paper towel with the battery end up so that it
    can drain. Let it sit until it cools and then blow the water out and then
    add a drop of e-liquid and a fresh cartridge, let the atomizer sit for a
    little while to allow the e-liquid to get into the reservoir and then you
    can use it again.

    I let them sit over night so about 8 to 10 hours. Then before I prime it back up
    i make sure all the water is out by blowing into it a couple of more times
  19. parked

    parked Registered Supplier

    I have

    901 atomizers
    2 hole 801 atomizers
    4 hole atomizers
    Pee wee atomizers
    Fogger Atomizers
    Janty Atomizers

    Every one you think of i have it
  20. parked

    parked Registered Supplier

    Follow my method stick nothing down in the mesh boil drain and leave it alone
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