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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by SmokeyJoe, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoe ECF Founder Senior Moderator

    Hello all!

    Would you like more private message space (up to 2000 messages), bigger avatars (200*200), storage space for up to 100 photos, greater forum permissions, and automatic entry to a monthly prize draw? Plus, above all, the feeling that you've helped support the community you know and love so well?! ;)

    Well now you can! All for the price of not-even-a-walnut-whip per week (that's $2 per month, in case you wondered).

    Anyway, that's the sales spiel over (praise be)!

    Subscribe here now, and support the greatest online community on the web!

    All the best,

  2. CaSHMeRe

    CaSHMeRe Vaping Master

    Awesome Idea Smokey! :)
  3. ApOsTle51

    ApOsTle51 Moved On

    i've done it monthly , cause the pound WILL GET STROGER dammit...:)

    great idea , put something back in the pot i say
  4. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoe ECF Founder Senior Moderator

    Thanks Cash,

    Haha Apostle, good thinking!
  5. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    i'm down regardless but can you lay out the "custom titles and more..." part.
    ps, you got me wanting a walnut whip.
  6. dnakr

    dnakr Ultra Member

    What a great idea. Keep the forum growing :)
  7. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    SJ, do you think you could do a non recurring payment option. i mostly only use temporary credit numbers online so its not going to go through anyway in a year. but like most people i think, i'm awful sketch about ever allowing any recurring payment delivery as i might forget about using a service but also forget about canceling the payment which is difficult sometimes anyway. so it might persuade more people to pay it if it's not recurring and just as they want it.
  8. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master

    They've got a wiki article about walnut whips but they think e-cigarettes don' merit a page? Give me a freaking break!:evil::evil::evil::mad::grr::grr::-x:-x
  9. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    that's what i'm saying leaf !! you get walnut whips out there in SF ?
  10. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoe ECF Founder Senior Moderator

    Yes indeed, I will change the one year recurring right now so it no longer recurrs. Thanks for pointing that out!
  11. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    nice one sj !
  12. BadSeed

    BadSeed Super Member

    No problem with this sj. Have some money. :)
  13. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master

    I'm in. ;)

    Now, how about throwing together a primer manual to the new features?
  14. Soot

    Soot Super Member

    Good idea Smokey! I went for the annual option - partly for the same reason as DC explained but I also can't see the £ recovering either ;).
  15. SMILIN

    SMILIN Vaping Master

    I am in, this site is great, and it needs to grow. I am happy to support the cause:thumb:saves life's, lung's, and have more fun;)

  16. fiddler

    fiddler Senior Member

    I'm in too. What I've learned here so far is worth at least that much.
  17. Mommyshann

    Mommyshann Super Member

    Count me in as well...just sent through my annual payment. Thanks for all the help everyone and thanks for creating this fantastic forum! :thumb:
  18. Liberate_Yourself

    Liberate_Yourself Super Member

    Count me in too! Just sent payment. Thanks for everything SJ!
  19. paxes

    paxes Senior Member

    I'm in, Every little helps.
  20. Di

    Di ECF Guru

    I am in also,
    this forum has saved me much more than this small amount,
    beside saving me from the dreaded fire stix,
    and well worth the help and advice I have gained here,

    Di .....

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