California-Contra Costa County?!

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by vjdossey, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. vjdossey

    vjdossey Super Member

    Anyone from my area? California-Contra Costa County to be precise :) Really interested in where fellow vapers in my area are shopping both locally (walk in shops) and online even. I'm pretty new to vaping but have taken well to it. Wish we had a nice and close B & M to go to to shop and try juices. We are really limited to Volcano e cigs and Apollo. I know of a few vape lounges a few cities out that I haven't made it to yet. Anyhow-hope to chat with fellow Californian Vapers... :2cool:
  2. vjdossey

    vjdossey Super Member

  3. Harlen

    Harlen Ultra Member

    Supporting member
    You are all alone out there
    Sorry was unable to stop myself lol
  4. MrStik

    MrStik Super Member

    I am in CA, but a little bit south... like in SoCal
  5. vjdossey

    vjdossey Super Member

    Omg there are responses! Hellllo :p fellow vapors!!!! :) I'm pretty new and was just trying to reach out!!!
    Harlen-Mr. Funny huh? lol a sense of humor is a good thing! I hope you are having a great evening :vapor:
    MrStik-how do ya do? SoCal in the thread!!!! How's the weather down there?
  6. TruckDrivinMama

    TruckDrivinMama Senior Member

    Im in the bay area now for the weekend from down south also. Gotta help with a move for a relative and we all vape. Ive ordered from Vape the Grape in Napa but havent been there. Been to Tasty Vapors in Oakland and their lounge was nice. Complementary coffee and got to meet some fellow vapers there too. Found them to be having the most decent price for decent quality juice and stuff for my DIY.

    My bro who lives in the bay area says there has been a lot of new vape stores openning up here. Cant name any in Contra Costa though since ive never been up there. But generally stores in SF had been charging a tad more for gear and juice than ones i go to.
  7. Alchemy

    Alchemy Super Member

    I'm from SoCal also but welcome:D
  8. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member

    Hi there!!!

    I'm in concord and there is not one. There are a few in the city but they are expensive.

  9. optsmk

    optsmk Super Member

    I love in the east bay. So that's pretty close. Not sure where you are in coco co. But there are two good b&m's in walnut creek. I don't remover the names of them but I have been to both and they are very good. Just yelp it and you'll find them.
  10. optsmk

    optsmk Super Member

    Oops that was supposed to be I live in the east bay, not love in the east bay lol.

    The two ecig shops are near the old PAC 10 offices. If you are old like me you will know where that is lol.
  11. optsmk

    optsmk Super Member

    Here they are.

    The vault smoke shop
    1250 Newell Ave, Ste B, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

    Vapor lounge
    2085 N Broadway, Ste 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  12. MrStik

    MrStik Super Member

    SoCal weather is umm warm. I kinda wish it cools back down a bit.
  13. vjdossey

    vjdossey Super Member

    I'm in Antioch. Maybe we will try those Walnut Creek spots! Thanks for the info :) the hubby and I plan to vapor lounge hop on our next date night!!!
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