does e cig vapor leave anything in your lungs?

Discussion in 'Health, Safety and Vaping' started by freddo, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. freddo

    freddo Super Member

    i've been wondering if the vapour inhaled leaves any residue in your lungs. Does it effect stamina levels? Does it cause chesty coughs? i've had a cold for about a week now, a flu has gone round my area, i havent caught it but i just have a cold, could this be to do with the e cig?
  2. rustylug

    rustylug Super Member

    The fact that you say a flu has been going round your area and that YOU HAVENT caught it may sugest that it might be from the benefit's from having PG in your e-cig ....For more on PG read T/Bobs reports because it looks like PG may kill off some vrius's, and since the flu is a virus....who knows.
  3. BigBuxNoWhammy

    BigBuxNoWhammy Senior Member

    So.. a flu is going around, and you are getting sick, and your first thought is that its the e-cig? LOL!

    Anyways, joking aside, I dont think anyone can answer this question for you. For one, e-cigs are fairly new and no proper testing has ever been done, not to my knowledge atleast. And even if they did tests to see what would happen, that still doesnt really determine what will happen after 10-20 years of smoking them
  4. BigBuxNoWhammy

    BigBuxNoWhammy Senior Member

    Though I still think e-cig vapor is alot less harmful than tobacco smoke as most do, we really have no idea if or how bad it is, it's just assuming. Lets just hope for the best!
  5. rustylug

    rustylug Super Member

    You need to look at Pillbox lab reports on some of his threds ....He seem to be all above board .... See my other posts on T/Standerds etc..... As for the 10 or 20 year bit .... You got to remember that 20yr ago smoking was regarded as a way to relax and was said to be good for you.....Now insted of our GOVERMENT BANNING REAL CIG'S.....THEY DECIDED TO TAX US ALL...... No dout if a e-cig looks good on their "How to raise money book" they will try and take over the big sellers and try and tax us on e-cigs ....In 10yrs time you might be paying £25 for 1 cart = 15 real cigs lol lol lol .....But no dout the price of real cigs will have went down to compeat with th e-cig lol lol lol
  6. Kimmiegrif

    Kimmiegrif Super Member

    i babysat my sick step son the first week I got my ecig. it was a super min that came with traditional tabacco cartridges. i got his cold! At first I was not sure if it was the ecig or the baby. But after a week I figured out it was a "baby cold" from a baby...I will say that I tried to go back to the "traditional tabacco" cartridges that came with my mini instead of my other is dryer...and started to make me feel sick again...who knows...the dryer flavs that are called "traditional tabacco" from the generic companies might be not good for us and give us flu like symptoms.
  7. TropicalBob

    TropicalBob Vaping Master

    I don't think anyone has yet found protection from the common cold. From decades-old research never refuted, we know PG is an effective bacterial fighter. But the common cold? A virus. No protection. And our practice might increase our chances of "catching" one. Why? If we experience a dry throat at day's end, it can worsen overnight, creating ideal conditions for viruses to enter the bloodstream and multiply (the same way nicotine from nasal snuff or snus enters through the mouth and nose). A raw, cracked, dry throat is an open door to a virus.
  8. karenwest1961

    karenwest1961 Super Member

    In my personal experience? You can vape til the cows come home...but if you come in contact with somebody with a bad case of the crud, cold, flu, etc., unless you have super-human immune system, you're gonna get it anyway. Vaping don't help. Believe me. I just finished with a pretty bad one and I vape all day.
  9. freddo

    freddo Super Member

    do you guys think its cheaper to e smoke, personally i think not
  10. SmokingInTexas

    SmokingInTexas Senior Member


    I have done the math for MY situation, and YES, e-smoking CAN be cheaper than real cigarettes. HOWEVER, this is really a personal calculation. Based on my read of forum entries and comments, everyone's need/use of the e-cig is not related to the amount of real cigarettes or strength of cigarettes they used to smoke. I think e-smoking is really the development of a NEW habit, which also just has happens to have the ability to replace another.

    I used all-caps on the word "CAN" because, there also seems to be a side-habit which develops, which is the purchase of every available e-smoking device, juice, battery, and option. I myself am considering developing a support group for this side of this addiction. :lol:

    If I stop adding to my collection, in a few months I will break even and actually start saving money. But again, this really is a personal evaluation. I think a person beginning down the e-smoking trail should evaluate their needs after the ... playing phase is over with. Then it's a safe bet that measurement of carts/liguid/batts/atomizers can more accuratly be made. One last thing that HAS to be considered is, the value of ones health. For me, even if my e-cig habit worked out to the same price as regular smoking, the e-cigs would win, because, a lung is DAMN expensive (and so is clothes cleaning, deoderizers, breath freshners, lighters, ashtrays, etc. (and GOOD RIDENCE) :D
  11. karenwest1961

    karenwest1961 Super Member

    Well, it wasn't cheaper in the beginning. I was spending a LOT of money trying to find one or two that satisfies me. That's when I learned that for the most part, these guys are disposable. I've got my e-cig spending under control now...and it is actually cheaper now. I just learned a lot of expensive lessons.
  12. TheEmperorOfIceCream

    TheEmperorOfIceCream Ultra Member

    My problem is I bought the spread, intending to narrow down to one model. What actually happened is I use different models in different situations. They all need enough spares and chargers to get a day's use out of 'em, and all of them have regular parts failures.

    For any given device, my basic comfort zone is 3 atomisers, 9 batteries and four chargers. My old hot cig case will hold eight penstyle batts and a spare atomiser. I carry an assembled pen in my pocket. If the batts are relatively new I'm confident I'll be OK away from home overnight. I'm only comfortable with pens if I'm away for a couple of days (disposable cigars are good backups).

    I haven't done playing yet - just getting into cigars and I'll probably give e-pipes a go somewhere down the line.

    The best device I've seen is the Janty KB Classic, but that's not my most-used puppy, as the spares are too expensive for my method.

  13. BobbyDidge

    BobbyDidge Senior Member

    It's night and day! I smoked a pack a day of camel filters at $7.50 that's $52.50 a week. My initial cost of everything was $100. After two weeks I'm equaled out, after two weeks all I need is e liquid which is $6 for 10ml which is equivelant to ONE CARTON! So after the initial two weeks I spend $6 for every $75 I would have spent on analogs. I think it's pretty plain and simple, ecigs are wayyyyyyyy cheaper. Not to mention the bills the won't have to pay for lung cancer treatment!
  14. tizz

    tizz Senior Member

    Holy thread resurrection, batman!
  15. congaman

    congaman Super Member

    I'll say, looks like BD took a BC and came back strong!!!!
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