I don't remember getting high on nicotine when I smoked normal cigarettes.

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Silent Scream, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    That's not to say I didn't, I just don't remember it. With this 24mg stuff I am all over the place. I feel like I'm on something. Woohoo.

    Yes, I am going to have to go down to 18mg liquid. My excuse is I am new to vaping after smoking 20+ a day and 24mg was recommended to me I was told go high to start with to stay off the cigs.

    Anyway, it was my one week anniversary today. One week off cigs, I never thought I could have done one day off them (neither did any of my friends) so all is good :)
  2. dlipford370

    dlipford370 Full Member

    Well, first off congratulations on quitting smoking. For me though, when I vape 24mg I get a stomach ache, and an annoying light headedness. Hmm. lol
  3. NiNi

    NiNi Ultra Member

    Supporting member
    I have a cart among my tanks with 24mg in it.........I'm doing my vaping with 11mg for the most part, but if I take more than 2 pulls on the 24mg........................aurgh! Head rush, and not the good kind.:glare: It's only there for high stress situations.:blink:
  4. WillyZee

    WillyZee Vaping Master

    congrats on your first week smoke free ... if you had one now (please don't) ... bet you cop a buzz :vapor:
  5. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    Thanks. No stomach ache here but that light headedness yeah, um, that's the 'good' part lol.
  6. FlamingoTutu

    FlamingoTutu Vaping Master

    You didn't ever get stuck on a plane for six hours, rush outside and light up? Made my head spin, lol. Get some lower strength stuff and try that, use the higher strength when the urge for a stinkie hits. The strength seems to be different for many people. With ecigs, there is no "one" way. Congratulations on quitting! :)
  7. blondeambition3

    blondeambition3 Vaping Master

    Supporting member

    All I can vape is 24 mg!

    * anything 'lower' and I jones... :lol:

    Good for all of you who vape at lower mg's and can deal with it.... :thumbs:
  8. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master

    I had to drop down from the recommended 18mg to 16mg and it's working fine.
  9. FlamingoTutu

    FlamingoTutu Vaping Master

    Oh, okay. Nevermind. Carry on. :D
  10. bones1274

    bones1274 Super Member

    If you want a killer head rush, try 36 mg at 6v........:thumb:
  11. FlamingoTutu

    FlamingoTutu Vaping Master

    Well, pure nicotine will kill you, so no cutting down from that. :(
  12. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    I honestly haven't had the slightest desire for a normal cig at all since I started vaping. My better half still can't believe it.

    Come to think of it yes I remember flying to Seattle (I'm in the UK) and my first cig blowing my head off. With vaping though it's kind of a steady buzz. I am ordering a ton of 18mg bottles tomorrow for sure, I meant to do it today and forgot.
  13. EvilZoe

    EvilZoe Vaping Master

    My head is hurting from 18 mg. The juice is so yummy, though.
  14. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    Which juice is that Zoe? Are you getting more of the flavour because the nic is higher? (dunno if that's how it works).
  15. EvilZoe

    EvilZoe Vaping Master

    No, actually. I think higher nic sort of takes away from the flavor.

    I'm vaping Nicoticket's Custard's Last Stand. It's AWESOME.
  16. FlamingoTutu

    FlamingoTutu Vaping Master

    It is different. I went up to 24 for a bit and then one day it was just too much. Took me about twenty minutes to figure out what was going on. Duh.
  17. IBCR Media

    IBCR Media Ultra Member

    I can remember drinking heavily while on a Mardi Gras parade float, stepping off and lighting up.


    I had folks thinking that I had a heart attack and breaking out the portable heart shocker thingamabobs.
  18. FlamingoTutu

    FlamingoTutu Vaping Master

    I'm sorry, that busted me up. Perhaps because I've been to Mardi Gras.
  19. Sham66

    Sham66 Full Member

    I think depends on how you use your electronic cigarette too. If you take long drags or vape constantly 24mg might seem high.
    But, if you take short puffs or only vape once in a while 24mg or higher might be perfect.
  20. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    I read on one of the tutorials here that short puffs don't give you any nicotine. You need to slow draw for three seconds to get nicotine. Is that true? I wondered actually if that was written for old devices.
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