Jantystick versus 801 Screwdriver

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Rexa, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Rexa

    Rexa Super Member

    I'd love to see a comparison between the two if anyone owns both. I already have the 901-SD and I'm not interested in seeing it compared to the 801-compatible stick. Anyone have the manual switch stick and the 801-SD who can give some thoughts on it?
  2. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Vaping Master


    How does the BE-112 differ from the DSE801 (which you retired)? It's also a penstyle, right? And how do you like it?

    At the risk of questioning you to death, how is that Kensington Powerpack (into which you plug your passthrough I suppose) working for you?

    By the way, I also would like to see a comparison between the Jantystick and the Screwdriver.


    Don (vaping a KB808D-1 from easycig.com)
    an extemely experienced vaper - one day and counting. :)
  3. ArizonaVapin

    ArizonaVapin Senior Member

    I'm 3 for wanting to see a review. I just got a stick a couple of days ago and it is now my primary device. There must be someone out there that owns both!
  4. gotthelife4u

    gotthelife4u Senior Member

    I would also like to know so i can make up my mind on which one to buy
  5. ApOsTle51

    ApOsTle51 Moved On

    being as they both use a 3.7volt single cell , and both have a manual switch and both will use the same atomizer I'm guessing performance wise there will be very little or no difference.
    The only variable on performance will be airflow and how that effects the vapour production.
    ofcourse the SD uses a higher mAh cell so will last longer on a single charge.

    Janty are planning on releasing a jantystick V.2 sometime soon , instead of plastic construction it will be made from metal , probably aluminium which will make it more durable and appealing to some ( that'll be me ) :)

  6. mamu

    mamu Ultra Member

    Supporting member
    I would also like to see this "apples to apples" comparison.

    If you have an e-cig model that is providing the same volts with the same type of atomizer and an on/off power source as another e-cig model it would seem that they would both perform similarly.
  7. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking Ultra Member

    I have both well, kinda, I've got what Trog used to sell as the "Ultimate" kit which was the standard 901 SD with an adapter for the 801. I have owned the SD for a few months had have had the stick for close to a month. Initially there was no difference in performance, vapor, taste, throat-kick wise. There still isn't a difference to me in those areas, as there shouldn't be, they are both 3.6 to 3.7 devices using the same atomizer with a manual switch.

    The seperating factors are:

    1. Batteries
    2. Durability
    3. Cost

    Let's look at these individually,

    Batteries - the Screwdriver roughly gets twice the battery life as the stick. It is important to note that with both the screwdriver and the Janty Stick the batteries will begin loosing life within a few weeks. You will notice they don't last as long as when you first purchased them, you will need to replace these batteries just as you do any other PV(although at a cheaper cost and less frequently). The Janty Stick uses a built in usb passthrough so when you have USB or 110 available and within reach you can charge and vape at the same time.

    Durability - The Janty Stick is made of plastic, the SD is made of aluminum. They both use a manual switch. The switch on the Janty Stick looks to be prone to separating from the body and is held by adhesive. You can stick it back on there but if it separates once it will separate again. Some Sticks have a leaking issue (this may be caused by the rubber tip cartridges), while any PV will leak, it seems more detrimental to the stick because it can collect in there and become messy. The SD switch is durable but will wear out eventually and need to be replaced which Trogg can either send you directions or you can send it back to him for repair. The SD switch will break if you drop the SD and it lands on the switch. The Atomizer connection on the SD if dropped with an atomizer connected could become damaged if it lands on the atomizer end. The Janty Stick if dropped could fall apart and need to be reassembled as Cellmeister shows here: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/jantyusa/20724-cracking-open-janty-stick.html

    Cost - The Janty Stick is $80 and the Screwdriver is $160. Batteries for the Screwdriver cost as low as $2 and as high as $10, no e-cig retailers carry the batteries so you will need to order them from other retailers online such as www.dealextreme.com or Welcome to BatteryJunction.com - Our prices won't leave you drained! The Stick uses the same batteries as e-cigars and are available from several e-cig retailers. They can be purchased for as low as $1.50 and as high as $4. The Janty Stick comes with a 6 month warranty.
  8. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking Ultra Member

    Beat me to it and managed to say the same thing in many less keystrokes.

    Brevity = Beauty
  9. ApOsTle51

    ApOsTle51 Moved On

    hehe , I didn't know the button on the switch was mounted with adhesive though..I don't like the sound of that, lets hope Janty can sort that out on the V.2
  10. TDM

    TDM Moved On

    Well if someone has a JS & Prodigy, I can meet up and they can do the video. I will supply.

    Zi Moshi 801L
    Zi Moshi 901L
    Zi Moshi 901L w/801L Convertor
    SD 901 w/801 Convertor
    NicoStick 901 w/801 Convertor
    My own little critter - The Mamu 901 w/801 Convertor
  11. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking Ultra Member

    Do you drive through Dallas/Fort Worth?
  12. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru

    It's really nice to have a thread about the Screwdriver and Janty Stick and not have mudslinging and hijacking of the thread. Such a refreashing change!
  13. TDM

    TDM Moved On

    I just spent yesterday in Ft. Worth. Left there this morning. Looks like we have our review!!!!!!!
  14. TDM

    TDM Moved On

    Just have to wait for him to get his prodigy and for the GG to arrive! Have one heck of a review thread
  15. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking Ultra Member

    I'm on board with that Mouse. I've also got a mag mod here that we can throw in the mix.
  16. BiteMe

    BiteMe Ultra Member

    This would be great!!! I'm sure that there are quite a few folks that are in a quandry as to which one to buy. This should settle it for them!!:D
  17. TDM

    TDM Moved On

    OK Folks here is the lineup for the review...

    Zi Moshi 801L
    Zi Moshi 901L
    Zi Moshi 901L w/801L Convertor
    SD 901 w/801 Convertor
    NicoStick 901 w/801 Convertor
    My own little critter - The Mamu 901 w/801 Convertor
    Janty Stick 801
    Janty Stick w/901 adapter
    Mag Mod 901 (801 with adapter)
    Ruyan E-cigar
    standard 901s, 801s, and 510s (can't vouch for the batteries being up to the task of a review though)
    and possibly a 901 to 510 adapter to test the 510 on all of these as well

    And Franklyspeaking will be doing all vaping with 48 Juice!!!! Nah. Probably will make it some commercial juice. Would hate to videotape the death of franklyspeaking.

    Actually I have a bottle of GREEN Johnson Creek Juice
  18. franklyspeaking

    franklyspeaking Ultra Member

    My cow heart thanks you Mouse for sparing me from the 48mg. While it may prove to be an entertaining watch, it wouldn't end well. At least for me....
  19. TDM

    TDM Moved On

    It would begin well but I figure after 10-15 different PV's you would be hurting!!
  20. mamu

    mamu Ultra Member

    Supporting member
    Mouse you crack me up!! Your little critter the mamu hahaha!!

    I didn't see the Prodigy on your list for review?? I know it's not available quite yet but will be next week I think.

    With the GG - are you doing it with the 901 adapter? It has 801 and 510 adapters, too.

    This is SO cool that you're doing this. :thumbs:

    I totally agree! :)
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