kGo arrived today! Why is my carto crackling??

Discussion in 'Cartomizers' started by CheekyMonkey, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    My kGo arrived today! Yipee! It is amazing!! The flavors of the juices are much more pronounced, the th and vapor are incredible (compared to the Mistics I started with) and it's an all around great experience - I'm really happy with my purchase, and a big thank you to Hoosier supply - I ordered the kGo on Tuesday night around 10 pm, and it arrived today! That's an amazing turnaround time :)

    I blew out an atty as quickly as I could (I forgot initially -will never ever make that mistake again! What do they prime attys with? Turpentine? Yish!), popped on a drip tip after rinsing my mouth, and proceeded to drip all 13 juices currently in my possession (another 7 should arrive tomorrow * happy dance*). I have to repeat myself... What a difference in flavor and overall experience! It is better than I expected, and am glad I upgraded to the kGo!

    Anyway... I picked the flavor I wanted to vape, filled a carto and started vaping!

    I ordered a couple of different cartos to go along with the kit so I could figure out my preference in regards to ohm, brand, dual vs single coil, etc.

    I decided to start with the smoktech 1.5ohm clear shorty dual coil, unwrapped it, filled it with juice, and started vaping -easy as pie, and I'm in love!

    Now for my question.... when I puff on it, the carto crackles and pops like a log in a fire. My Mistics never did this, so I'm curious -am I doing something wrong or is that normal? Will it happen with every carto, only dual coil, only smoktech, etc? Is it because of the higher voltage?

    I don't really mind the sound, but I do want to make sure I'm not doing something that will make the whole thing blow up in my face or prematurely kill the carto!

    Thoughts? :)
  2. bruiser

    bruiser Ultra Member

    Snap, crackle, and pop is a good sign. It means the carto is properly filled and performing properly.

    The Kgo is more powerful than the Mistic, and the dual coils help with the snap, crackle and pop.
  3. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Did I not add enough juice? I added 1ml as measured by my syringe & topped of a bit by dripping...
  4. RaRvn

    RaRvn Senior Member

    I bought an eGo today and tried it out at the store. The salesperson taught me how to fill the cartos and tanks and, yes, mine did the sizzle and snap thing, too. Salesperson said that was normal and the mark of a good fill.

    I think you're probably OK. Congrats on the purchase. Sounds fab! I'm vaping Fireball Cinnamon right now - OMG have you tried it? It is fabulous!
  5. TigerLadyTX

    TigerLadyTX Super Member

    Mine sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies, too. I believe that means it is working correctly.

  6. warlike36

    warlike36 Ultra Member

    I just LOVE the snap....crackle.....POP sound of a new,properly filled carto !!! Seriously, and it is normal.
  7. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Yay! I didn't kill it! :)
    Rarvn - Congrats on your purchase! Who makes the fireball cinnamon? It sounds like something I would like & my bf would probably ask me to order 0 Nic for him :) I'm currently vaping a mix of EC blends chocolate cherry swirl, dragons blood and peach cantaloupe - it sounds like a lot, but the flavors blend nicely!

    Tiger - I'm glad the snap crackle and pop are normal!
    Thank you both for responding so quickly - these forums are terrific!
  8. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Warlike -thanks for the response and reassurance! I'm not very mechanically inclined so I was afraid I broke it! Guess I read a few too many threads about newbies killing cartos and attys :)
  9. RaRvn

    RaRvn Senior Member

    What the heck is dragons blood??? Chocolate cherry swirl sounds great - that one is on my list to make. I don't care for Peach flavored anything, though I do like peaches themselves. Might have to try peach just to see.

    I got the Fireball Cinnamon at the ECIG Charleston retail store, but it's way overpriced at $9.99 for 10 mL. That is nuts. I did see it somewhere else, but right now it escapes me. I've been on so many websites!

    Here's ECIG Charleston: Fireball Cinnamon Electronic Cigarette in Charleston South Carolina
  10. warlike36

    warlike36 Ultra Member

    No worries my fellow vapor...... ECF is just great and I am so happy we all found it !! ALL the Moderators deserve a big pat on the back for all the work they do !!
  11. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Bruiser - sorry I didn't see your post! I really love this forum! Everyone is so happy to help with the learning curve with no bashing!
    Rar - dragons blood is a customer creation @ (I hope its okay to post their name/ link, if not please edit :)) -its a creamy dreamy dragon fruit/ strawberry kind of juice -hard to explain & hard to put down! Their flavors are yummy, and the prices & customer service are fantastic - my 2nd order from then should arrive tomorrow, and includes a 50ml of dragons blood. Yes it is that good!
  12. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Oh God I am SOOOOO jealous!!! I ordered a kgo on Monday and it was supposed to be delivered today but wasn't. I could be dripping in my new atty too (sigh). seriously hope the mailman has it tomorrow or he might have to deal with a very crazed vaper!!! Glad you like it and pretty sure I'm gonna love it!!

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  13. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Agreed warlike! This is the most civil, helpful & friendliest board I've seen, and it is drama free! I'm really grateful to have found it!
  14. Oban

    Oban Senior Member

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your Kgo and the sounds of good vapeing Cheeky :vapor:
  15. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Luvinit - you will love it!! I stalked my mail man, and will be doing it again tomorrow for my juices lol
    What color did you order? I wanted titanium or red, but didn't want to wait the extra few days for them to come in... I ordered pink & the red and titanium came into stock the next day - it's probably for the best though - my boyfriend is less likely to try to take them to work with him! :)
  16. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    You can't me oban, but I've been doing the happy dance since the first drip :D
  17. go_player

    go_player Full Member

    I'm very much a beginner, since this is my third day with a vaporizer. But I have been using cartomizers exclusively, and I've already started to associate that sound with suceess ;). The sounds I don't like to hear are gurgling (which means a flooded atomizer, I think, or worse, nothing. I haven't mastered getting VG liquids to actually penetrate the fill in the cartomizers. I think maybe I need a syringe for that...
  18. RaRvn

    RaRvn Senior Member

    Wow. That vendor is only $.30 a mL. If you don't mind, is shipping reasonable? That place is like a candy store!
  19. Blossomer

    Blossomer Senior Member

    The snap crackle pop of a new carto always puts a smile on my face :)
  20. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    The only down side is that I don't want to put it down - if this keeps up, I'm going to have to order an even lower Nic content so I don't get sick from the non stop vaping! It's a good problem to have!
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