List of all Brick & Mortar stores

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by stamstam, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    Many of us looking for local Brick & Mortar stores. Sometimes it's just around a block sometimes couple of miles away.
    Let's write in this tread all retail stores we know. Vapok has a map with hundreds of Brick & Mortar stores. If someone knows any local store please share.
  2. Ken_A

    Ken_A Vaping Master

    Supporting member
    Doesn't seem to be very complete. It does not list the two stores nearest me
  3. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    please share those stores with us. This why we need this thread.
  4. Steeler Girl

    Steeler Girl Senior Member

  5. Jadesrayne

    Jadesrayne Super Member

  6. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

  7. Steeler Girl

    Steeler Girl Senior Member

    The great thing about it is if you know of any b&m's not listed, you can add them to the site.
  8. Steeler Girl

    Steeler Girl Senior Member

    Choose your state and they are all listed. Click on B&m name and addy is listed.
  9. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    people looking store's address. Hello Texas it's not good enough :)
  10. molli

    molli Super Member

    yeah....nothing near me in any way shape or form. NOT driving 3+ hours to Chicago or 6 hrs to other end of Iowa to hit revolver.
  11. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    Let's write every day another state.
  12. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    Let's go ABC. First state Alabama:

    True Vapor
    2838 Montgomery Hwy , # 1 , Dothan, AL , 36303, USA

    If someone knows more Brick & Mortar stores in Alabama please continue the list.
  13. PRIMER

    PRIMER Super Member


    Here's my local boys...Great service, good juice, good selection.
    Be prepared to wait in line...
    (Brick & Mortar)
    8799 W. COLFAX AVE
    Lakewood, CO
  14. b34tn1k

    b34tn1k Super Member

    That lists the nearest the nearest B&M to me being 52 miles away... The nearest one to me is 16 miles away and from what i understand has been there for about two years.
  15. tj99959

    tj99959 ECF Guru

    Listing them all anymore would be tough row to hoe. Pretty soon it would be like the yellow pages in the phone book.
    Besides one of the major e-cig suppliers (ENS) there are probably a dozen other places that have e-cigs of some sort here in the town I live in. Even the local "Smoker Friendly" (one block from my house) carries a rebranded (over priced) 808-D2.
  16. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    Any Brick & Mortar in Alaska?
  17. LV SuzyQ

    LV SuzyQ Super Member

    Pbusardo has B&Ms listed on his website.
  18. akt00009

    akt00009 Full Member

    why are they called brick and mortar stores?
  19. GunnyGlow

    GunnyGlow Senior Member

    B/C they are actual physical locations you can go into. Not just online only sales.

    They are made of bricks and mortar rather than 0's and 1's.

  20. stamstam

    stamstam Full Member

    It looks no stores in Alaska. Someone has to be the first. Open retail store and make big $$
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