Ready to start using carto tanks. Help me decide what to buy?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by TaraDacty1, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    I've been reading and learning and watching the videos. But when it comes time to order, I'm getting confused (in terms of size & ohm's mostly)

    What will fit and look nice on a eGo Twist/spinner type batteries? I like the size of the mini kanger protank, but the vape is too cool for me. I want/need a warmer vape. Doesn't have to be pyrex since I generally don't use tank cracking liquids.

    So, halp plz?
  2. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

  3. BardicDruid

    BardicDruid Ultra Member

    You would probably be better off with one or two of these: Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank as they don't use a proprietary carto like the ones you found and they can be used on any 510 threaded device. You may want to get one or two of these to make things look better: Ego Adapter for tanks
    And get some of these for the tank: , I would recommend getting the 2 ohm, Single coil, 2 hole to start with then you can adjust ohms to your liking. If you have problems with keeping the coils wet, you may need to get some with 3 holes. If they're out, I look at or MadVapes, they carry the same thing.
  4. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Which size tank would be sleek with the eGo?
  5. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Nevermind. Just noticed 3.5 & 6 ML so I figured out the answer to my own question. Thank you.
  6. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Placed my order. Thanks again. Can't wait to try carto tank set ups. Think I'm done with clearo's
  7. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    So I placed my order and the cartomizer is a tiny bit taller than the tank it came in. Is that normal??
  8. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Received. Not placed. This sucks. It's like 1/8th of an inch taller than the tank. Both cartomizers.
  9. Daryl Glen

    Daryl Glen Super Member

    What did you wind up ordering?
  10. EvilZoe

    EvilZoe Vaping Master

    It shouldn't make a huge difference in how it works. It will just raise up the drip tip a little bit.

    Still, it's odd that there's that much difference. Where did you buy them from?
  11. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Exactly what he told me to.

    HEC0542S2 Pre Punched Replacement tank cartomizers
    Type: 2.0ohm Single coil (LR)(2 Hole)

    HEC048DT65 Acrylic Big Belly Drip Tips

    HEC05335BK Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank
    Type: 3.5ml Dual Coil Tank

    And the drip tip wont fit either but thats okay.
  12. lisancentraltx

    lisancentraltx Vaping Master

    Supporting member
    My Boge cartos stick up a bit from my tank. it's hardly noticeable after you put a drip tip in. If the flavor is muted, CRANK IT UP. Don't throw any of them away. You may get other PVs later and those tank can be used with some of the more powerful PVs with little muting of flavor.

    '1pc. drip tip (I recommend using one of the Big Belly Drip tips to prevent the tank from sliding up.)'

    Yes, I've got one of these tanks... slides all over the place and it'll pull right off of the carto and you'll have juice everywhere :/ I've got one in these nice black caps, but I hate to use it because the tank slips off of the carto no matter how many times I've replaced the o-rings.

    Since they suggest the bigger drip tip, try greasing it up with your juice and then try to put it in the carto.

    If you decide to stick with carto tanks, search for some tanks with grommets, they have a snugger fit and won't slip right off. Boge cartos are also the cheapest I have found, punched or unpunched out of China from HealthCabin. If you can find better deals in the US, grab them. I pay $45.00 for 50 Pre-Punched Boge 510D Cartomizers.

    This is where I got all of my tanks, they are now closed, but their stock will be going to another store, so they'll update the site when it does. Decide if you like the looks of them and then wait it out:
  13. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    Hoosier E-Cig is where I got it. I haven't tried using it yet because I'm saving it for my new RY4 once it gets here.
  14. Daryl Glen

    Daryl Glen Super Member

    It's probably because it's a 45 mm carto, but it shouldn't matter to the performance, I don't think. You can get shorter carts out there, but you will probably want to get a different dct tank down the road. This is a good starter type tank, and can even be the one you use for forever.
    I, personally, like the tanks that lock on the bottom, so you don't accidentally pull the tube off the cartomizer and spill your juice everywhere.
    And drip tips sometimes don't fit cartomizers, but the one that came with it will work. Hang on to the drip tip you purchased, because when you order another tank sometime, I bet it will fit.

    Here's a look at the Artemas (locking tank). Maybe you can get this down the road. They aren't very expensive at all:
  15. r77r7r

    r77r7r Vaping Master

    Lol, mine are Designed to stick out 1/2".
    Tanks - Mom and Pop Vapor Shop
    But, I use the big tank with the small carto and the drip tip is 1/4" Inside the tank, lol.
  16. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

    That's how mine looks! - If it fits inside the tank that deep wont it get clogged or something?
  17. Daryl Glen

    Daryl Glen Super Member

    Great! Now I have ANOTHER tank to add to the list for me to purchase. Thanks a TON!
  18. TaraDacty1

    TaraDacty1 Senior Member

  19. lisancentraltx

    lisancentraltx Vaping Master

    Supporting member
    Good looking grommet tanks. I had to check because I thought those were glass and I'd jump on them =] Mine are all pyrex and polypro because I use some tank cracking juice =] it'd be nice to have some tanks lighter than the pyrex. They do look nice though =]
  20. Daryl Glen

    Daryl Glen Super Member

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