Vapaholics Anonymous - Part 2

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ECFadmin, May 3, 2012.

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  1. ECFadmin

    ECFadmin Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Is there a 12 step program for vaping addictions?

    If not, I'm starting one....

    Hello, my name is Cheeky, and I am a vapaholic. I've placed 7 orders in the last 3 days, and am afraid my mailman will have me charged with stalking.

    I am waiting for:
    A new Ego-T kit
    30+ various clearomizers, smokymizers, and cartos
    20+ new juices
    New tanks
    various other vaping accessories that I don't necessarily need, but were great deals or looked neat


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  2. ECFadmin

    ECFadmin Administrator Staff Member Admin

    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is [split]280069[/split]
  3. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Well, here I am after work and everyone's gone to bed!! Dang, that's what I get for working nights! You guys are funny.. I love to come home at night and catch up on what y'all been up to while I'm toiling away at the salt mines. Well, ok, not so much toiling going on, but I still have to be there! I'm especially upset I didn't get to see Glen's woodie ... (what? he posted a pic so it's ok to look, right?) Sure hope the pics work tomorrow:D

    Hubby always waits up for me to get home,, on Wed night we always watch Survivor and hit the hay at midnight.. apparently he's still recovering from his little foray yesterday and looked like something the cat dragged in so I sent his (still) sorry butt to bed. Anybody watch Survivor?? I love that stupid show!

    Awesome vapemail Mythus!!! I'm jealous! I think I should be getting some tomorrow...boy, will I be disappointed if I don't!!! Just got an email from surevapes.. If you order between Thursday and Sunday you get entered into a drawing to get your order doubled for free!! Did I not say no orders until NEXT payday?? DAMMIT!! $22 for four boxes of cartos.. good deal and even better if it gets doubled for free! Been thinking about getting an extra charger for my KGOs too and they have em for $10. I think we all know what's about to happen (cha-ching)

    I'm not having a whole lot of luck with all the different clearos I've got.. they leak, or they flood, they're generally just a PITA. I vaped on a carto at work and dang, it just worked and tasted awesome! Maybe I should just forget the clearos and stick with the cartos.. Going on a little trip this weekend so tomorrow I must fill up a bunch of cartos. Charge up all my batts.. I will take my charger too cuz my girlfriend usually bums a pv from me, but also smokes her hubby's analogs.. I can't seem to completely convert her. She'll tell you she quit smoking and only smokes at the casino. I hate to tell ya, but that means you didn't really quit. She's hooked on the lozenges now but every once in a while she'll ask for some French Toast and really enjoy it,, I just can't get her to buy her own setup and she won't keep one of mine either.. she's a rockhead! I don't bug her about it,, whatever. But those 5 months you've been 'only' smoking at the casino?? Well, I haven't smoked at all.. so who REALLY quit?

    Well, sweet dreams everyone.. enjoy all your new stuff you guys (sniffle, sniffle cuz I don't got any new stuff:()
  4. BlutO

    BlutO Senior Member

    That other thread was closed at 666 posts... Creepy.
  5. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Holy Vapes! We got a continuation thread?! Neato :D

    I'm still up, for a little while at least!

    No vape mail for me today, either Luv - at least I don't think so, but I didn't make it to the mailbox (I know, I know - don't take away my vapaholics card!), so there's a slim chance I've got a little something waiting for me :) There should be goodies arriving tomorrow or Friday though :smokie:

    Aside from the Stardust/Visions, and the acorn tanks, I've pretty much given up on clearos, and the acorns are on my naughty list - they little buggers leak at the oddest times! Granted, one of my 6ml DCT's decided to start leaking last night, too, and I lost about 2ml before I realized it. Bugger.

    Your little trip this weekend wouldn't be to a casino, would it? :) Your friend may eventually switch over to vaping, but I'm sure it's much harder if your husband/partner/SO is a smoker! I can't imagine trying to quite the stinkies completely with a smoking partner - in fact, Iron Monkey's social smoking was usually what derailed my attempts to quit!

    Hope you have a vapemail bonanza when the mailman arrives tomorrow!!
  6. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    lol I hadn't noticed that!
  7. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Hmmmmmm, y'know.. I don't think I've taken a trip in the last, ohhhhh, 7 or 8 years that hasn't involved a casino! Now why would this weekend be any different?? When I found out I had to go to Delaware for a week for work,, the first thing I thought was... I wonder if there's a casino there? And wouldn't ya know.. there was a casino less than a mile from the hotel!!! BONUS! I even coerced my coworker to the casino... twice! And he's a cheapskate..but he had a ball at the video blackjack, and he even won a bit so he was a happy camper.

    This weekend we're going to Syracuse to see TransSiberian Orchestra.. I know, they're really popular at Christmas time but I didn't get tickets in time for the Christmas Show. I hear they have a fantastic light show.. should be fun. That's Friday night, on Saturday we head over to Vernon Downs,, which is very near The Turning Stone Casino... but we prefer the little casino at the horse track.. and the horse races have started and they're racing this weekend so might have to place a little bet on the ponies too. We always travel with our buddies.. you know, my NONSMOKER friend! I wonder if she'll let me vape in her car??

    What is up with the continuation stuff?? And no pictures are showing up for anyone.. somethin weird goin on.

    Well, I s'pose I should head to bed.. listen to the ol man snore (yay) Here's hoping for an awesome vapemail day for everyone tomorrow!!
  8. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    LOL! Your trip sounds like lots of fun Luv - maybe you'll get your NONSMOKER friend to finally take the plunge! Bring extra batteries and an extra charger, cartos, juice etc., hand her one and tell her to use it for the weekend - maybe she'll like having her own so much that she'll buy one (or take that started set off of your hands :) )

    Definitely something weird going on with the boards - I've noticed a lot of threads being with continuation threads, and no photos uploaded this evening are showing up (that I've seen)... as long as we can all find it, I don't mind :)
  9. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Got some vapemail today!!!! YAHOO. Not all of it, but some of it. I got my ECB order.. restocked on my faves but also got some Vanilla Gorilla, The Yummy and those are soaking into some cartos right now. I just know I'm gonna luv em. I also got some Black Pepper... YES, Black Pepper! And y'know what?? It's good! Really,, it is! I couldn't vape it all day, but boy it's an interesting change from all the fruity stuff I've been vaping lately.

    Kinda sad my Vivi didn't come today,, it'll come tomorrow and we're going out of town so it's gonna sit here all weekend, waiting for me.. that and my Mom and Pop Vapor order.

    For some reason this black pepper is making me crave some macaroni and cheese.. weird!

    I have to go fill up a bunch of cartos for the weekend and decide what to take with me.. decisions, decisions! Oh hell, I'll just take em all!!
    Vape happy guys!!
  10. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    I got a new signature.. I like it,, except it shows how much in the hole I am right now,, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!
  11. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Okay, you're the THIRD person this week to rave about the black pepper!!! It is officially going on my next order!
    Bummer that your ViVi didn't come, but just think - it will be great to have awesom vapemail waiting for you when you get home from your trip!
    Definitely bring all or most of your juices - you never know, your friend might really love one of them & decide to switch to vaping because of it :D

    LOL!!!! I prefer not to think about how much more I've spent on vaping than I would have on smoking for the last 6mo!

    If we don't have a chance to talk again before your trip, have a fantastic mini vacation!!!! We'll miss you :smokie:
  12. BuGlen

    BuGlen Divergent

    Supporting member
    'Evening all!

    OK, let's try to get a pic of Woody and Stanley again, but this time using a link from Google+


    Edit to add a closeup of just woody:

  13. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Woody is gorgeous Glen, and Stanley is so neat and well organized! Nicely done Tigger!
  14. BuGlen

    BuGlen Divergent

    Supporting member
    I'm very proud of my woody! :evil: (boing boing) <= Tigger reference, don't let your dirty mind wander.
  15. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Wow, that sure is pretty glen! And your toolbox is awesome!! Deep enough for juice bottles,,, I gotta get me one a those!!

    Very excited about our little trip. We aren't goin far, only about 3 hour away but we're goin with our favorite travel buds & we always have a BLAST with them. We think we're pretty funny but I'm sure if anyone could hear us they'd lock us up for being a bunch of loonies! One of us always has to ask... How old are we??? Hey, even if our bodies are falling apart we're still 20 in our heads!

    OMG it's been busy here at work,, this afternoon was horrible! It seems to have tapered off right now, but that can change at any moment. All it takes is one silly sick person & my night is ruined!! ( god, I'm spoiled!).

    Well you guys will lots of fun without me this weekend,, but I'll be lurking around every now & then, keepin my eye on ya!
    Dang it, just got some pee so now I gotta go do some work :(

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  16. CheekyMonkey

    CheekyMonkey Ultra Member

    Your friends sound like a lot of fun Luv! I know you'll have a blast this weekend!! Win big :)

    Sorry about your afternoon/evening/night, but just think - you're off on a wonderful weekend adventure very soon - I can't wait to hear about it!

    have funw ith the pee.. :D
  17. orlan johnson

    orlan johnson Moved On

    Nice! I like this thread. me and the wife been vapin bout 50/60 days and I really like vape mail! But its sad that in that time our cash grew wings like an eagle and flew away on vapin stuff lol. Im starting to think that vaping is costly. But its still better then cigs!
  18. luvinit

    luvinit Ultra Member

    Welcome to the party orlan (&wife!). Yes, money seems to fly through my hands about a soon as I get it, but I'm thinking it's about to slow down some. (I always say that & it's rarely true :)) we're glad to have you and hope you stick around some!

    Hey Glen--- more testosterone!!!

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  19. BuGlen

    BuGlen Divergent

    Supporting member
    Hi Orlan and welcome to the thread! I've been vaping about the same amount of time you have, and from what I've read on the forum over the past couple of months, everyone goes through the GAP (gear acquisition phase). Once you find a setup that suits you, you should be able to recover the initial costs fairly quickly considering the rising costs of cigarettes.

    In any case, it's good to have you here! :smokie:

    I guess I'll have to give up my new nickname now and stop boinging all over the place. :D
  20. Mythus2012

    Mythus2012 Super Member

    Welcome, welcome Orlan!!! Is that your real name?? I've only met one other person with that name very unique, love it!! Congrats to you and the wifey on 50/60 days and more importantly for stoppin in to say hello!!!

    See Glen the guys are out there!! Just stop talkin about your woody..hehehehehehe! Which by the way is absolutely beautiful!! Like I said before...makin me think that another mod might be on the table! So pretty, handsome, whatever!

    LUV...hope you have a blast this weekend! Sounds just heavenly..good times, good times...Its been about a month since I visited the local casino and I think i'm seriously hitting the withdrawl period...UGH...but hubby is union and they are currently workin without a contract so no trips for me until that puppy is signed sealed and delivered! Which says nothing about spending $$$$ on vape, of course...I can't even imagine what that black pepper is like oh my...

    OK anyother day another vapemail report...TVR came today...definitely needs steeping...flavors currently a bit weak for me but the flavor I can taste is into the box it went. But I'll be busy this weekend preparing packages for my friends :nun: TVR Mt. Do is very cool if you like Mt. Dew!

    But my very FAV prizes arrived...OK there are only two but I have to post what one looks like in the light AND dark... dsc0474ye.jpg dsc0493ls.jpg dsc0492n.jpg
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