Vaping and phlegm

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by LordDavon, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. LordDavon

    LordDavon *Official*Leg*Humper*

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    So, I decided to stop playing with vaping and just take a day to seriously vape. That means that I was not going to wake an have an analog. I was not going to use vaping to get through just the tough times when not smoking was going to hurt. I was going to spend the day only vaping and using it like it was my normal routine. That day was Monday. Instead of going through 1ML of juice on Monday. I used between 3ML - 4ML.

    Tuesday morning I woke up and couldn't breath. I had huge amounts of phlegm I was coughing up. I was choking on it and could barely breath. The amount of phlegm I was expelling was scary. I spent the first hour of the day choking it up. The rest of the day was spent coughing but nothing was as bad as the morning. I am still coughing phlegm up but, not like that morning.

    Now, before someone says that it was my lungs clearing itself due to not smoking, I have quit smoking before. This was not my lungs clearing. This was something irritating my lungs.

    So, my question is, could it be a reaction to one of the flavors I vaped? Could it be that it was a VG/PG mix (all of them were) and I am reacting to one of them? What is the best way to determine what caused my reaction?

    Thanks everyone.

  2. LordDavon

    LordDavon *Official*Leg*Humper*

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    Another thought too. Could it be that I was vaping with a dry atty and that was irritating my lungs? I drip and am still trying to perfect the art.
  3. kellogg

    kellogg Super Member

    You could try vaping only 100% pg one day and see if the same thing happens. If it does, then it's the pg. If not, try the same thing with vg for one day. If neither of those are the cause then it must be a particular juice/flavor.

    It's a process of elimination either way.
  4. doots

    doots Vaping Master

    David, it isnt your lungs clearing.. lol

    Depends on what your juice base is and flavorings and how much you are vaping, IMO..

    I notice that all VG juices cause me to have phlegm. When I use mostly PG it hardly exists.

    Even mixtures of VG and PG cause me to have phlegm.

    Some people don't experience these symptoms it seems hence all the difference theories..

    I DIY mostly because I can control what is in it and how much pg or vg to add..

    Like Kellogg said would work to isolate the cause..

    Good luck!
  5. LordDavon

    LordDavon *Official*Leg*Humper*

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    Thanks guys. I have been doing a VG/PG mix. Monday was the first time I have ever vaped all day. I will need to start with the base. PG only first.
  6. FreakyStylie

    FreakyStylie Vaping Master

    This just started happening to me yesterday. Extremely thick. Mine was coming from my sinuses though. (Draining down last night.) I tend to puff vapor out through my nose where I didn't when I was smoking, and it kind of irritates my nose. I vaped a bit more than normal yesterday and tried some strawberry flavor too. (Real strawberry taste, not candy-ish. Kind of acidic taste too.) It is also that time of year, so I'm assuming that mine is due to those things. (I've been vaping for about a month.)

    I agree with trying out pg/vg variants, but I have read a lot about flavors too, so don't forget to keep that in mind.
  7. LordDavon

    LordDavon *Official*Leg*Humper*

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    I am new to vaping too. I have heard that some issues only occur when you are new to vaping and then they do away. I wonder if this is one of those. It is a little scary though. Not really something you want to go through.

    Let me know what helps you out.
  8. FreakyStylie

    FreakyStylie Vaping Master

    Will do. Same with you.

    BTW, I feel a lot better today, but I can still feel the trickle in the back of my throat, similar to when I get sinus irritation in the cold weather. I usually run a lot of water in my nose when I shower and it gets me back quick. We'll see in about 3 days. Until then, I'm going to avoid the strawberry just to make sure. If it clears up, I'll try some again.
  9. ScotTex

    ScotTex Senior Member

    I have only used my SinuPulse (nasal irrigation thing... it's like a neti pot) once in the last week, but my sinuses and post-nasal drip have started to kick back in the last few days. Like others have said you may be having a reaction to the VG, or it might be seasonal (even though you're in FLA).
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