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Thread: Microlite help.

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    Default Microlite help.

    I just purchased two microlite kits after spending a year or so using mods, and now prefer something simple. Anyway, I went to charge one of the batteries in the PCC after it had died on me, and when I held the middle button on the PCC the red LED came on for about 5 seconds along with the light on the battery then the battery light blinked and went out along with the one on the PCC. I took that battery and put it into the other PCC where the battery light and PCC light came on, and stayed on. Figuring that maybe it was the PCC itself that was working properly - I took the battery (hadn't been used nor charged since shipped) into the first PCC where the side light on the PCC came on but not the battery light.

    Which is right? Should the actual battery light be on along with the PCC light or not? Or do I have a fault somewhere?

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    Hi Trox.Shawn

    Instructions for Button 2 are:
    If you press this once, the digital screen will tell you how much charge is left on the battery. If you hold this button down for 3 seconds, it will start to charge any battery that is attached inside the case. The end of this battery will light up to let you know it is charging and the LED on the side of the charging case will light up red. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED on the side of the case will go out.

    I hope this helps