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Thread: What's your favourite tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djsvapour View Post
    I used Vivi Novas for 3-4 months. I always enjoyed the vape and as long as you remember to swill the liquid, they seem good.
    I soon got the hang of rebuilding them, but mostly chose not to.
    I'm completely happy w/ my two Vivis - one has JC tundra in it (strong menthol) and the other has JC TN Cure (classic tobacco flavor) w/ a hint of JC espresso (supercharges the flavor, kinda like drinking a Guinness). Both are 2.4% (24mg/ml) but I use a lot of VG to mellow them out.

    I just sterilized my Kanger Protank II, and intend to take it back to the place where I bought it (I still have the reciept). Hopefully I'll at least get some store credit. I just don't want it, and I don't want to give it to anyone else ... I'm tired of the duct tape that I had to use, and I'm fed up w/ tasting e-juice after filling it from the bottom. Maybe I just have bad O-rings, IDK.

    Although wicks are a bit more disposable than coils, I think I get more consistent vapor production, and I don't mind replacing them every now and then. And if I have to replace my Vivis every 3-4 months, that's fine w/ me also. I don't want the ultra-dispoability of a clearomizer (too expensive), but at the price, the Vivi Nova is just fine w/ me. I'm not here for the "shiny" stuff ... I just want a solution that works, and I'm tired of experimenting with trash like the JoyeTech 510T[ank] kit. What garbage, shame on them LOL!

    Now it's on to DIY ... I have all the materials, just have to make my first test batch. In the meantime, I'm enjoying some nice vaping, Thank You Very Much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger_Lafayette View Post
    I'm not here for the "shiny" stuff ... I just want a solution that works, and I'm tired of experimenting with trash like the JoyeTech 510 [Tank] kit. What garbage, shame on them LOL!
    No argument from me.
    DJS. Nemesis / Vamo V5 / ​iStick x 2 + KFLs / Lemo / Orchid / mini Nautiluss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger_Lafayette View Post
    So far, Codz, my Vivi Nova hasn't leaked (I got a second one, and will likely phase out my protank II with it). The protank doesn't seem to care how full it is, it just wants to leak. I suspect maybe their O-ring sealing system just doesn't work - or maybe I have bad O-rings.

    What really ticks off me about the protank is that I have to upend it to fill it from the bottom, and then of course it will leak a bit from the top when I do that. (That would be tolerable of course in the greater scheme of things - my biggest gripe is the leakage that occurs during normal vaping.)

    I also suspect that coils don't work as well as wicks for vapor production.

    On the other side, the Vivis have a plastic mouthpiece, which isn't particularly to my taste, and they don't have that metal "collar" that the protank does which protects the interface between the tankomizer and the battery. I wish I could buy the collars by themselves, but I can't.

    All in all - even though: (1) the protank is "built like a tank" (pun intended); (2) I generally prefer glass & metal to plastic for both the tank and the mouthpiece; and (3) I love that metal collar ... leaking during normal vaping use w/o duct tape around the tank is unacceptable, and the duct tape itself is borderline unacceptable.

    So the vivi nova wins by a couple noses of so over the protank 2 at least IMHO.

    Anyway I'm going to get a third battery to support my habit of switching back and forth between strong menthol and full-flavor tobacco juices, so it's time to stop spending money on equipment. I think I'm out almost $150 (= 115 quid or 100 Euros I believe) so far not including batteries and juice ... so it's time to stop fiddling with the vaping interface and move on to DIY. I figure it's going to take me another few months before I have everything to my liking.

    On the other hand, I don't really use analogs anymore, so that's what really counts!
    To be fair to the vivi nova, it was amongst the first tanks that i bought and my inhalations were probably a little too strong at the time so it will likely have been my fault for sucking too much juice through! but if need be i could happily use them... it's just people tend to move from one product to another fairly quickly with vaping until you find something you are happy with! I'm pretty much happy with carto tanks at the moment, although there is always temptation to try something else!

    "back and forth forever" ))<>((

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    i have many iclear 16 5/10

    2 x davide mini 9/10

    1 x kanger aerotank 9/10

    just about to order a davide king that has the aspire coils but also can use kanger coils

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidator View Post
    Best so far is my Kayfun lite rebuildable, I use it every day and have the same coil that I put in a month ago and it is still going strong.
    Still going strong, same coil, 7 weeks.

    When I was thinking about buying a rebuildable I did not know if I could put up with the hassle, but at this rate, it's no contest, better vapour that actually improves over time, as for economics, I cannot say at the moment because this will have to be calculated in years rather than months but so far, I am well impressed.

    I shall update when coil dies.

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    Let's just say that my new nautilus with a stock coil beats my old protank2 with a micro coil by far.
    It's also better then the aerotank.
    The amount of vapor and flavor is unmatched, feels like using a dripping atomizer.

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