I've just returned an unused HCigar Kayfun 3.1 and getting a refund. Pity, it was very nice and came with a handy blue zip case. Reason was that the colour was too grey. Take a look. The gap between the Sigelei and any atomiser is bad enough. Adding the grey coloured kayfun made the whole thing just hideous, lol http://s4.postimg.org/3v8d13h31/Kayfun_on_Sigelei.jpg

There are several variations of finishes on Kayfuns on the various clones. So now I'm not sure which KFL 3.1 or KFL+ to buy that will almost exactly match a Sigelei Zmax V5. I'm considering the KFL+ at thevapetank.co.uk for 34.99 which by the pictures on their site looks like it will match. But I know someone at another forum who has that one and when I showed him a pic of my Sigelei, he said his KFL+ is a bit shinier. Here's his KFL+ from Vapetank on the left, and my Sigelei on the right. http://s29.postimg.org/8j9vm2487/KFL_Sigelei.jpg

I suppose it won't be THAT much different if I bought the Vapetank one. Are there any others I should look at that might be closer? Don't want to sound too OCD, but I see so many pictures of owners with perfectly matching finishes on their mod and atomisers, I would like that too.