Application Procedure & Access Restrictions/Rules during process
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Thread: Application Procedure & Access Restrictions/Rules during process

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    Exclamation Application Procedure & Access Restrictions/Rules during process

    ALL APPLICATION REQUESTS are to be sent via :
    [please rebuild the email address into the normal format with @ and .com]

    Upon request for application, you will be temporarily changed to the usergroup Supplier-Not Applied Yet. You will be able to still view the non-private forums, but will be limited to posting ONLY in the new Unregistered Suppliers forum.

    You will then receive by email a complete information package, including a mandatory Suppliers Registration Form. Once you return the completed Supplier Registration form, your usergroup will be changed to Supplier-Pending-Registration until the registration process is completed. If you have a website, we will be doing a site review for compliance to the ECf Business Site Criteria . Current estimated timeframe for registration process is 10 days max.

    Access and Posting Restrictions/Rules during the Application Process:

    You are cordially asked not to post ANY reference to your products or services UNTIL YOUR REGISTRATION IS ACCEPTED. This includes preference polls or ideas of products such as proposed concepts.If you disregard this, you might find yourself perma-banned before your registration is complete.

    Do not post in another supplier's thread or forum without the express permission of the thread/forum owner.

    You will not have permission to access any Private Supplier Forum, Reviews forums, New Members Forum or the Classifieds during this process nor be able to send PMs or to post visitor messages on member profiles. No signature or links or avatars that are business-related are allowed.

    You can review the above in the appropriate section of the following link:

    DO NOT create multiple user IDs as this is an even worse crime in our eyes. Only ONE identity is permissible as the Registered Supplier. Any multiple identities representing your business will be perma-banned.

    In the interim, please review the registration criteria for site compliance at the following link.
    as your site will be reviewed to check if they comply with our directive that no health claims are made.
    Supplier Registration Criteria

    Accepted Registration Applications:

    Once your registration is successful you will receive via email a fully-detailed list of permissions and privileges for your particular supplier usergroup.

    You will requested to pay the annual fee prior to being changed to your supplier usergroup.
    Once the fee has been paid, you will then be changed to your supplier usergroup and be able to start your advertising threads in the main Ecigarette Supplier Forum

    Rejected Registration Applications:

    Our Review Committee inspects sites to see if they comply with our directive that no health claims are made.

    In the event your application fails the registration approval, you will be notified and given a reprieve to make the requested changes for site compliance within a deadline of 2 weeks.

    If you choose to not correct the non-compliant issues within the deadline, you will be placed in the usergroup Rejected Supplier for a full 6 months. You can then re-apply if you choose to do so, and will be placed at the bottom of the list for priority sequence.


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