Copied from an email I got this morning. If you live in Connecticut, links are below to contact your reps.

you would be interested to know that there are two proposed bans that
can affect you as a resident and e-cigarette user in Connecticut.
Next week two committees in the Connecticut Legislature will hold
public hearings on a pair of bills relating to e-cigarettes. One is a
bill to require warnings on all e-cigarette products sold in
Connecticut that is guaranteed disaster for Connecticut e-cigarette
vendors (and out-of-state vendors), while another (a simple minor ban)
could very, very easily become a tax, usage ban, tobacco licensing,
etc. bill.

SB 24, a minor ban that is currently something that vendors should
SUPPORT, will have a hearing on Thursday, February 27th at 12 PM in
LOB Room 2B of the State Capitol Building, Hartford.

It is important that vendors attend, submit testimony, speak in
support of the minor ban, and be prepared to testify against any
suggestion that the bill be amended to include taxes, usage bans, etc.
The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, etc. have been
trying to railroad e-cigarette youth access laws with taxes, usage
bans, tobacco licensing classification, and other restrictions in
every state in which they are introduced.

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HB 5286 is a bill to require a warning label covering 60% of all
packaging of all electronic cigarette devices, disposables, batteries,
atomizers, etc., will be heard on Friday, February 28th at 10:30 AM in
LOB Room 1B at the State Capitol Building, Hartford. This must be
STRONGLY OPPOSED -- this would impact the entire industry if passed.
Please also note the 17 point font size warning requirement and the
fact that "nicotine yield" does not mean nicotine content (i.e.,
2.6%), but we believe it means how much nicotine is delivered in the
vapor of your product (a process for which there is no generally
acceptable standard to perform these tests, not to mention the costs
and utter impracticalities of it as it relates to e-liquid / variable
voltage devices).

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