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Dear E-Cigarette/Vaping industry professional,

As you are doubtless aware, the comment period for the FDAís deeming regulations ends this Friday. It is crucial that the FDA hears from both industry and consumers.

The FDA has not attempted to analyze the size of the industry in its impact assessment, leading it to vastly underestimate the impact the regulations will have on US businesses.

Consumers have a valuable role, in that they can directly submit their own experience, and this must be taken into account when the FDA issues their final rule.

Please, will you spend a few minutes today to compose your own response to the FDA, and also send out to your customers something urging them to comment? You could send them to my write up ( , or feel free to copy it, or create your own.

For your own comment, SFATA have issued an excellent guide for industry submissions: SFATA | FDA Guidance, Electronic Cigarette Association and the link to the comment page on is here (!submitComment;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870)

Many thanks for being part of this revolutionary industry, and letís hope that it can continue to change peoplesí lives, and create good American jobs.

Oliver Kershaw
Founder and Director,