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Thread: Vamo v5 with v2 head replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicflo View Post
    Got tired of my tanks popping off my v5 vamo. Ordered 3 of the v2 replacement heads about a month ago or so for $12 shipped. I figured the removable ring looked cool but didnt really serve me any funtional purpose, plus it kind of makes it look more "phallic". I was going to do a video but was too lazy to set everything up sp ill just do steps. This is how i did it.
    I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to vicflow for posting this. I stripped out the 510 connection of my v5 Vamo within the first 2 months. I ended up buying an ego to 510 adapter that allowed me to still use it, but it was horribly ungainly and top heavy.

    After seeing this post i decided to give it a try and ordered a v2 Vamo replacement head from (they were friggin awesomely fast btw) for $10 shipped. Like your post I liked the flat top of v2 rather than the tapered of the v5.

    I received the part in 2 days (damn fast), but I didn't have time to try it until today. The hardest part for me was the soldering since I literally haven't soldered anything in like 15 years, but I was able to get the wires to stick without resorting to superglue. LOL Put it back together and I now have a working Vamo with a flush mountable head. WOOHOO!

    Vamo v5 with v2 head replacement-2014-03-02-15.30.34.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentastic View Post
    ... and I now have a working Vamo with a flush mountable head. WOOHOO!
    Does this mean that the V2 head you got has a removable flat sided beauty ring? Or did you give up the ease of cleaning and ability to use 'oversized' eGo threaded toppers?

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    I bought a new V2 because I dislike the way the V5 looks. The V2 I got from FastTech a month or so ago has great 510 threads, and functions flawlessly. I wonder if I just got lucky.............
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    Possibly. As with a lot of the items they carry, they buy from several vendors. Could be you got a Vamo from one of the good vendors on a good day!
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