amazing, i can't fathom ever using this function but was disappointed there was nothing in the directions about rms and mean output modes either. took a day of video reviews and finally an email to the vendor to understand how to operate in rms. once it displays rms output let the button go and your in rms. if you try to check what mode your in you will change back to mean output and have to hold long time again to display rms output.
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I found a secret feature by accident on the Vamo V5. Press and hold the check resistance button with no load. It should say 9.9 ohm. Keep holding and it will say MOBILE OUT ON. This was with a full battery and it will show full battery on screen. Now attach an atomizer and it will fire as soon as it makes contact. It tried it several times...attaching and reattaching the atomizer and it kept firing. But as soon as you press the fire button it will say, MOBILE OUT OFF and go back to normal. If you do it enough times I think the device safety kicks in and it actually gave me a message that said DANGER. And turn that mode off for me. Thought you guys should now about this on the V5.

I think this is supposed to act as a charger for your phone...if they made some kind of adapter, 510 to usb phone charger.