i agree the aerotank is awesome. you can buy the base separately and upgrade regular protanks but still have to use single coil. i have two bases on order for my protank II's. eliminates any leakage from getting to the battery. a great plus. when you refill, remove the coil head and look to see if there is any liquid in the well below to swab out. so far i haven't found any with my cotton/coil builds. a 6/5 wrap of 30ga. kanthal on 1/16" bit renders a 1.2-1.3ohm coil that performs beautifully with the v5. rebuilding dual coils proved to much of a hassle so i bought ten replacement coils for my aerotanks. i came up with a sucessful single coil build that takes advantage of the taller cup in the dual coil head by wrapping a rectangular shaped coil around swiss army knife tweezers. looks like a radiator and works as well, arguably better than dualy.
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You could go with the kanger aerotank. The coils are 5 for ten bucks and it has airflow control. Just install the beauty ring on the ego threads for stability.

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