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    Ok I am thinking of doing my first order. What are your favorites? I am craving a good dessert flavor but would like to hear all the favorites. Also I like a good throat hit and lots of flavor. Is there any special way you order these? Ratios, extra shot???

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    Everybody is different as far as flavors go. If you want more throat hit, I would suggest a higher pg. If you want more vapor, more vg. I just do the best of both worlds at 50/50. If I order I usually get twice the nic I usually vape and dilute it down myself. That way I feel like I am getting 2 for 1.

    Here is a thread that I think will help you fill a cart somewhere.

    Deals and Steals

    Good luck to you on your new and exciting journey and welcome to ecf. So glad you are here.

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    Gooey Butter Cake is definitely one to try! It is the very best desert I have ever vaped! I also lurve Golden Gate Punch (is not sweet but very flavorful) Also recommend Flaming Pillows, combines sweet cinnamon and marshmallows!!!

    I prefer 50/50 but like GGPunch in 70pg/30vg