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Thread: Loud clouds e-liquid is here!

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    Default Loud clouds e-liquid is here!

    We are proud to announce our new line of premium e-liquids, LOUD CLOUDS ! We have locally sold our line of liquids for almost 3 years now and have gained a huge regional following as word has spread. We have been asked and asked by many customers that have moved away to sell them online.
    As we prepare to open our first retail store and aware that we had plenty of extra floor space, we realized it was time to invest in a juice lab.

    We felt we could offer a premium liquid at a much fairer price, if we controlled the product from start to finish with a state of the art, clean-room grade, food production facility that could meet any regulations the government eventually throws at us. We are confident that we make the best tasting, most consistent, purest and the safest e-liquid on the market today.
    To let everyone see what they have been missing, we are offering our premium liquids for a limited time, at amazing introductory prices. $10 for 30ml bottles! You really can't afford to not try it!
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